November 05, 2012


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October 30, 2012

Hazel's Birth, Longer Version

After 41 weeks I was ready to get this baby girl born! We went in on Tuesday September 18th to be induced at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu. Its a good 45 min drive without traffic (and that rarely happens). We got there and all checked in by 2pm. I was expecting the action to start and be over with pretty quick. With both Avery and Baker I was induced and they were both born within 6 hours after arriving at the hospital. 

I got all hooked up to the pitocin and we waited. 8 hours in and I hadnt made any progress. I kept telling them to crank it up and break my water! But they didnt, when my water was finally broken things really picked up. Thank goodness for epidurals and extra boosts to epidurals!! We watched a Cupcake Wars marathon and a Chopped marathon on the Food Network. I was SO hungry and it was the only channel that could keep my attention through all the contractions! 

Finally around 1am my doctor came in and I gave one big push and Hazel was born! It took her a few seconds to cry, she had some major lung gunk. And the Doctor said the cord was around her neck, but not very tight. There is nothing in the world like the instant relief after finally getting a baby out! 

She weighed in at a nice 9 pounds 2 oz and 21 inches. Not a sign of jaundice, just a pretty pink color. We stayed at the hospital the rest of that night and the next then asked to come home a day early. We were both feeling great and I felt like I would be able to rest better in my own bed without someone checking my blood pressure every ten minutes! The only thing that was making me want to stay was the air conditioning! I had my room AC blasting! 

Since we have been home little Hazel has proved to be such a good baby! I think she sleeps better than baker does now! Not even the roosters wake her up! 

September 26, 2012

She is Here: Short Version

Little Hazel finally came!! 

Im pooped. 

Im working on a bigger post, but for now here is the short version of the events: 

9 pounds 2 ounces
21 inches

How on earth did I fit her in my body?!?

Sweet sweet little girl

More to come...

September 12, 2012

Her Bed is Ready!

Today is my baby's due date! Im all ready for her. At least I know I wont have to go past next Tuesday the 18th. Thats when I'll be induced if I dont go into labor before then. Its just nice to know there is an end!!!

Here is her little crib. I cant wait to post more details on the sheet, the mobile, the blanket, and the crib skirt all made my me! This picture is pretty bad, its evening but it just looked so cute and cozy in there. 

How cute will it be with a sweet little girl baby laying in there!?! So excited!

Im also planning a bumper. I ordered the filler pads on the 30th of August from Joann and they arent supposed to arrive until September 20th! I know Hawaii is far, but that is long!

Wish me luck and send some labor thoughts my way this week (just dont ask when Im going to "pop" or I will punch you)

Thank goodness my mom arrives tomorrow!!! 

September 07, 2012

Pinterest Rant

Lets start by saying I love Pinterest. Ive been pinning a ton lately since all I feel like doing is sitting and waiting for this baby to come out! Or while I lay in bed with horrid heart burn in the middle of the night.

BUT, there are a few things that drive me crazy about some of the pins on Pinterest. Id love to hear if these bug you too, or if there are other things that you cant stand.

So here we go...

1. All the pins that are super nasty to look at.

  • the baby with the bad rash
  • the close up of the nose with tons of blackheads- gag
  • any thing with blood
2. DIY stuff that is obviously not DIY.
  • a super intricate beaded lace bracelet - ya right to whoever thinks they can just whip that up
  • when the pin is labeled "DIY" but when you click through you find out its actually a thing sold at Disneyland, or a store like Gymboree or something. No pattern, no directions. Probably not a DIY, maybe an inspiration.
3. Some of the outfit pins.
  • Im not hating on all the pins that show full outfits pulled together. But does anyone really need a pin to show you that holy jeans and a white t-shirt with grey converse will be cute? (Is that even cute?)
  • Or a pair of dark wash jeans and a striped shirt? Thats pretty basic, probably dont need a picture showing how to pull that together. Inspire me with something creative! 
Also, if you have a board dedicated to cats I wont follow it. 

I hope no one reading this is offended! You can pin whatever you want, I promise I wont judge you. I just needed to get that off my chest!! 

Go forth and pin! 

September 05, 2012

The Best Thing Ever

This is my happy place

We had such a fun time on Labor Day. I was hoping it would be labor day for another reason, but that was clearly not happening. 

So many friends and my favorite beach. The water was nice and cool, and I can float like nobody's business. 

Here's to 39 1/2 weeks! 

September 03, 2012

Baby Update

No real baby news yet. My due date is Sep 11th so I only have a few days left. Hopefully. Im more than ready. I have Dr. appointment on Tuesday and Im hoping I know more then.

A dear Tongan woman in my ward said I was going to have this baby really soon, she could tell from the look of my eyelids. Apparently they have "the look".

I went to Target last Thursday and right when I walked in, and old man worker immediately approached me and said (no joke) "Dont let your bag of waters break!" Ewww!!! Who calls it "bag of waters" and I really dont want to talk about that with an old man! And its not his business! I guess he just didnt want to have to clean it up? Weird moment.

Anywho,  the car seat and crib are ready, little clothes are washed, and initial projects are completed. Im READY!! And everything hurts.

Well maybe I can wait and have her after Wednesday, I have a hair appointment. Mama has roots! ;)

Magic Show

Ta da! 

July 09, 2012

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...

Its really REALLY hot in our house in the afternoons. Like so hot all of us just sit and sweat. Its so hot the chocolate chips in my cupboard melt. Get the idea?

Anyway, this afternoon I wanted to go to the beach to cool off but Avery really didn't want to go. He was getting a pretty bad attitude about it. So I offered the plan B which is to stay home and do chores instead. Go to the beach, or do chores. He chose chores! So ya, we stayed home and he scrubbed the toilet.

Hard headed much? Wonder where he gets that? ;)

Im still hot, but at least the toilet is clean!!!!

Oh Avery...


Only 9 weeks to go until my little baby girl is here! I keep thinking September is really far away, but turns out its not really. For her bed Ive decided to do a white tulle crib skirt (like this only white) and a white breathable bumper since its so hot in our house. And save the fun stuff for the crib sheets! I looked all over and didn't really find that many sheets that I loved. 

But thanks to my good friend (who I miss so much) Aunt Spicy (check out her scotty dogs, they are adorable) this is the fabric I'm going to work with to make a few sheets! The bottom 4 fabrics in the picture are going to turn into sheets. I think it will be super easy. I absolutely LOVE this fabric line.  I want to whip up a light quilt or maybe a dress with the other fabrics. I have so many options since I'm having a girl! Oh! I could even make a baby doll with a dress on and a matching baby dress for my baby! This could go on and on...

Let the baby preparations begin!! 

Im going to follow this tutorial roughly

Aside from baby ideas, I fancied up this pair of slippers (or "flip flops" if you aren't in Hawaii!). For the last few months Ive been on a strict slippers only regimen. My feet are hot, and swollen, and my leg hurts ok! I got a cute wedge pair at good Old Navy and a little glue, a little ribbon, and a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother later I had some fun slippers!

Followed this tutorial for the most part

*TIP: make sure you keep the glue on the underside of the slipper strap at each end. I didn't do so good on that and the glue dried really hard and it pokes my foot. 

Thanks to PINTEREST for inspiring some fun ideas!

July 03, 2012

My Little Boy is Three!

Happy birthday to my sweet Baker boy! 

Things he loves: 
  • the colors red and black
  • swimming (ocean or pool)
  • super hero's, especially the Hulk
  • CANDY!
  • warm white milk, he is very specific
  • his blankets
  • playing with Avery
  • pretending to be a monster
  • and his "dearness" (thats ME!)

Three years ago, this little baby and I watched the fireworks from our DC hospital room.

Now, he is so big but still cute as ever and sweet as can be. 

(headed off to preschool this morning with his birthday donut and Christian T shirt :) ) 

From this: 

To this: 


Love you so much Baker! You are hilarious and awesome and the perfect little three year old buddy!

April 23, 2012

Mail Love

It seems your oldest friends know you best. 

I got a little package in the mail from one of my oldest and sweetest friends. This is what she said, "Cant decide what is more you, "artsy", "PINK", or "glitter"! 

Totally the best compliment!!! 

I love it Lulu! You are the best, love you back!

(check out her blog, her kids are seriously the CUTEST!)

April 22, 2012

Summer is Here and Jello Cookies

 Im home with a sort of sick Baker today while everyone else is at Church, and its a little overcast. Those things combined make the perfect morning to do a little baking. I decided on these cookies I found on Pinterest. They look so pretty! I love the bright color!! I used Raspberry Jello because thats Brad's favorite.  Baker keeps repeating, "I wuv dees!" over and over. They are pretty easy too. I think it would be fun to coordinate them to match a party or holiday. 

Total bummer: as Im typing (and eating a cookie!) I smell the nasty mini mart down the street making fried chicken with old smelling oil and its totally grossing this pregnant lady out!!!

Warming up at the pool! 

We have been busy lately! We hit up the aquarium last Saturday, which turned out to be free admission and a bunch of other stuff because of an Earth Day celebration (sweet!). We went to the PCC and walked around for almost 4 hours, we have had long pool days and longer beach days with friends. Avery and Brad went on a long hike (for little legs) and into a spooky cave. Its been really fun. 
Makes me feel like Summer is here! Ive been so impressed with the boys, they are total champs!!!!

For those of you who follow the chicken saga: 
Its gotten WORSE! As of today, we have two roosters, two hens and about 20 chicks in our yard. 
Its getting serious people. 

April 13, 2012

Its a.....


Bring on the pink, bring on the ruffles, bring on the bows, flowers, and Barbies!

April 08, 2012

Coloring Eggs

I have the best memories of dying eggs with my cousins. I think we did it until we were well into high school! I never claimed we were cool :)

These two got into it this year, it was so nice to be able to to this outside! Thank you Hawaii!

Refused the egg dipper, now has blue fingers

My more sensible child using a tablespoon to dip

Can we eat these eggs? I always thought you should not eat them. Is that true? Or just me?
Also, is there a way to make deviled eggs without using mayo? I have a strong aversion!


April 02, 2012

A Little News

We are expecting baby no. 3!

Im due September 11th, so this week will be 17 weeks along. And its FLYING by!

Saw this on Pinterest and cracked up. When I was pregnant with Baker, Avery was sure it was a dinosaur :)

Things Ive been craving this time around:
1. McDonalds cheeseburgers! Its like a 99 cent piece of Heaven.
2. Soup. Early on soup was all I could eat, preferably vegetable.
3. Cream soda! I went to Longs the other day to get a little bottle but Baker guilted me out of it! He kept telling me, "soda is bad for your teeth, its bad for you" over and over so I put it back. He is right!

I haven't been into ice cream or sweets like I usually am. Also ground turkey (which is a staple around here) is super gross to me.

Ive been exercising a lot this time around and it feels great! I ran the Great Aloha Run a few weeks ago, 8.2 miles baby! And have been running, playing tennis, and doing Zumba every week.

The boys are very excited for a baby! So far their name suggestions are Bullseye for a boy and Skylee for a girl.

September will come around sooner than I expect Im sure! In the mean time Ill keep filling my baby pin boards (here and here) and crossing my fingers that 3 car seats will fit in the backseat of the Audi!

March 30, 2012

Make Some Glass Cleaner!

I have SO much I want to share on here. But Im too tired at the moment. That and my macaroni and cheese is almost ready so I don't really have time right now :)

So, I'll start with this. I think I might be a little too excited about it.


Ive been out of Windex for like a week, and my mirrors were suffering. I found a link to this blog via my favorite website Pinterest for a recipe to make my own!

Luckily I had all the stuff to mix up a batch. I have to say I LOVE it! It smells like clean laundry and works super good, not a streak to be found!! My mirrors love me again.

Its super cheap to make, but almost as important to me I didn't have to drive 25 minutes to Walmart for more cleaner! Whoo hoo!

Plus there is just something satisfying about ending my dependency on a product. Love it!
Too much? Maybe.

I also want to try some of the other DIY products from this blog.
Recipe for your homemade Windex:

Empty spray bottle ( I used my old Windex bottle)
1/8 cup white ammonia (got mine at Walmart a while ago, it costs about $1.50)
1/4 cup of isopropyl rubbing alcohol
1 drop of laundry detergent
water to fill the rest of the bottle up

Throw it all in, shake it up, go clean!

February 22, 2012

RIP Feathered One

Do you hear that? No? Oh thats right, its quiet!!!!!


August 2011-February 2012

Rooster, Im sorry you had to die, but I will not miss you.

Im kind of sad I won't have a chance to make the DIY net gun! That looked intense! My neighbor got to him first.

February 03, 2012

All Star

So proud of Avery!
Kindergarten good citizen of the month!

All the other good citizens

Baker presenting the lei

His favorite friend

Rockin the candy lei!

Baker is proud of his big brother too. Or he is just trying to butter him up since Avery has all the candy!

Last awards ceremony I didn't bring any lei or gifts or balloons. I didn't even think about it! Luckily a sweet mom brought an extra and hooked me up! I will never forget that!!
Its a big deal around these parts.
This time I brought an extra, and my friend needed it! I was so glad I could pay it forward :)

He was so excited for the Skittles!

We are so proud of this guy! He is so smart and thoughtful, and funny! He really is a sweet sweet child. And he really couldn't be any cuter.
Way to go Avery! You are a rock star!

January 30, 2012

Wooden People

Im loving today. Its a misty 66 degrees and my house is clean!

Im also loving little wooden people. I painted 5 little girls for my niece for Christmas. She calls them her angels.

It was so fun giving each a little personality. I especially love the sassy red head with a gold belt :)

I painted this cute little couple for my Sister-In-Law. Its her and my brother at their wedding.

Can you see a resemblance?

They had such a beautiful wedding! And seriously, are they a perfect couple or what?

I purchased the wooden people from etsy and I use regular artist acrylics.

I have more blank dolls, I think Baker would love some boys or I might make our family. Who would you paint?

Yes, I live in the country

You know whats NOT fun?
Having a rooster in a tree about 30 feet from your bedroom window crowing back and forth to his buddy for hours on end at 3:30 am.

Im not usually a violent person, but I have my limits!!!! These little guys had me looking up weapons on Amazon. Seriously.

Let me introduce you to the cast of characters:

First Mother Hen. Alone she is ok. Not too loud, sometimes poops on my driveway, kind of pretty.
Then she had 7 babies. They were also super cute! But they HAD TO GO! The last thing I need is 7 more chickens in my yard! We wrangled them up and shipped them out. Im my mind they are happily clucking around at the beach park :)

We also have Hen No.2. Much like Mother Hen above. Not too annoying, but no real redeeming qualities either. If she wants to stay thats cool, but she better not have any babies!

Then there are these two troublemakers:

The blonde one has been terrorizing the neighborhood for over 2 years! People have been shooting at it, throwing rocks, you name it. But it never dies!!! It makes messes and crows at all hours of the night for so dang long!!

The other guy moved into our plumeria tree about 6 months ago, he left there when all the leaves fell off, and relocated to a tree just outside our bedroom window. Since its hot our windows are always open. On his own he is not too bad. He will give 5 or 6 cock-a-doodle-doos and then go back to sleep. But when the blonde one gets him going they go back and forth and never stop!
Seriously the biggest lie I was ever told was that roosters only crow at sun up. Its an all day/night thing around here.

Last week I invited a few teenage boys I know from church over to catch the roosters. It was an overall hilarious event. And at the last minute they caught the blonde rooster! The boys are the hero's of our street! All the neighbors were so stoked!

The boys were paid in creme puffs.

Seven chicks and one rooster down, one rooster and two hens to go.

January 03, 2012

Too Busy to Blog!

I have so much to blog about! But kids, the beach, Christmas, and vacation days were a priority! Duh!
I'll settle for a quick picture re-cap.

Christmas in Hawaii was really great.
We went to the beach on Christmas Eve even though it was a little chilly! We tried to spend as much time at the beach as we could over the break.

Puena Point

Beautiful sunset over Haleiwa

Brad and Avery paddle surfing at Puena Point

Christmas Eve at Daisy Beach (not sure what this place is really called, but we call it Daisy Beach)

My new baby! Thanks bradley

Cutest cowboy in these parts

Other randoms from our Christmas break:
True Grit was surprisingly a great movie!
"My Fitness Pal" is my new BFF on my phone. Its going to help me drop those extra #'s
I signed up for the Great Aloha Run! Gotta get moving.
My favorite ABC Family/Lifetime Christmas movie this year: Borrowed Hearts. So wonderfully cheesy. Cracks me up that under genre its listed as "tearjerker". I didn't know that WAS a genre!
Made and ate so much food! More on that later...

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!!