July 09, 2012

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...

Its really REALLY hot in our house in the afternoons. Like so hot all of us just sit and sweat. Its so hot the chocolate chips in my cupboard melt. Get the idea?

Anyway, this afternoon I wanted to go to the beach to cool off but Avery really didn't want to go. He was getting a pretty bad attitude about it. So I offered the plan B which is to stay home and do chores instead. Go to the beach, or do chores. He chose chores! So ya, we stayed home and he scrubbed the toilet.

Hard headed much? Wonder where he gets that? ;)

Im still hot, but at least the toilet is clean!!!!

Oh Avery...


Only 9 weeks to go until my little baby girl is here! I keep thinking September is really far away, but turns out its not really. For her bed Ive decided to do a white tulle crib skirt (like this only white) and a white breathable bumper since its so hot in our house. And save the fun stuff for the crib sheets! I looked all over and didn't really find that many sheets that I loved. 

But thanks to my good friend (who I miss so much) Aunt Spicy (check out her scotty dogs, they are adorable) this is the fabric I'm going to work with to make a few sheets! The bottom 4 fabrics in the picture are going to turn into sheets. I think it will be super easy. I absolutely LOVE this fabric line.  I want to whip up a light quilt or maybe a dress with the other fabrics. I have so many options since I'm having a girl! Oh! I could even make a baby doll with a dress on and a matching baby dress for my baby! This could go on and on...

Let the baby preparations begin!! 

Im going to follow this tutorial roughly

Aside from baby ideas, I fancied up this pair of slippers (or "flip flops" if you aren't in Hawaii!). For the last few months Ive been on a strict slippers only regimen. My feet are hot, and swollen, and my leg hurts ok! I got a cute wedge pair at good Old Navy and a little glue, a little ribbon, and a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother later I had some fun slippers!

Followed this tutorial for the most part

*TIP: make sure you keep the glue on the underside of the slipper strap at each end. I didn't do so good on that and the glue dried really hard and it pokes my foot. 

Thanks to PINTEREST for inspiring some fun ideas!

July 03, 2012

My Little Boy is Three!

Happy birthday to my sweet Baker boy! 

Things he loves: 
  • the colors red and black
  • swimming (ocean or pool)
  • super hero's, especially the Hulk
  • CANDY!
  • warm white milk, he is very specific
  • his blankets
  • playing with Avery
  • pretending to be a monster
  • and his "dearness" (thats ME!)

Three years ago, this little baby and I watched the fireworks from our DC hospital room.

Now, he is so big but still cute as ever and sweet as can be. 

(headed off to preschool this morning with his birthday donut and Christian T shirt :) ) 

From this: 

To this: 


Love you so much Baker! You are hilarious and awesome and the perfect little three year old buddy!