October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The Great Pumpkins
Oil on Canvas

Painted by Autumn

October 26, 2008

Ready for Christmas

I made these yesterday at Super Saturday. I think they turned out really cute. One is for me and one is for a friend, I wish she could have come!
Im ready to put up my Christmas tree! 
(I thought this would be a really appropriate spot for the photo because behind the signs is our Poinsettia. That thing has hung on for 3 years! Have you ever heard of a $3 Poinsettia from Harris Teeter living that long? Its a crazy plant that probably deserves a post of its own!)

October 17, 2008

Private Screening

Avery hosted a private screening of Land Before Time for all his dino buddies. He carefully arranged them making sure everyone could see. 

We are in the middle of a major dinosaur craze, or as Avery says "dinoshore". He knows all their names, T-Rex, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Dimetridon,  and of course the favorite stegosaurus. He knows more, but I can never remember them all!

Artsy Aut's Arsty Boy

We have really tapped into our creative side over here! Avery has developed a love of paints just like his Mama. Although he prefers to "paint the water" rather than the paper but we are working on it. Oh and I don't usually paint topless either-we didnt want any stains! He had a great time and he painted every page in that book! Good job Avery!

October 14, 2008

I did it, its over, now I can ice my legs!

1 man in a chicken suit
2 belly dancers
3 friends in a carpool
4 text messages sent while running (I'm a multi-tasker)
5 bites of Powerbar
6 miles ran with new friend Erica
7 road kills spotted
8 gummy bears grabbed from a stranger along the way
9 times I wondered what the heck was I thinking?
10 crazy hills on this course (at least!!)
11 th mile in and my feet were killing!
12 th mile in and my muscle was spazzing
13.1 miles completed in the Baltimore Half Marathon!

(notice the look of determination/pain on my face!)