July 25, 2009


We cant help but notice the similarities between Avery as a newborn and Baker. They look so much alike. Baker has a darker skin tone and a lot more dark hair than Avery did but its pretty obvious they come from the same place.

I love this comparison, both pictures were taken at the hospital when they were only a day or two old.



Avery is loving being the big brother, sometimes a little too much. Baker gets smothered with lots of hugs and kisses. He will be a tough little guy though, he has already taken two knees to the head and come out okay in the end. Such is the life of the little brother I guess!

Baker 3 weeks and Avery 2 1/2 years

July 12, 2009

Ten days and counting

Little Baker is 1o days old and seriously the best baby ever. He eats and sleeps great and hardly ever cries. Hopefully things will stay that way!

We think he looks a lot like Avery did when he was born, except Baker has dark hair just like Avery predicted. It seems Avery had some good insight into this newcomer, including his name.

While I was pregnant Brad and I asked Avery what the baby's name should be and right away he said "the baby's name is Baker" and that was it. We have no idea where he came up with the name or why he chose it, but I have to say the name totally fits him.

July 08, 2009

The best thing

I can see my toes and touch my toes
I can bend
I can get out of bed without a push from behind
I can actually fit in the bathtub
I don't have heartburn
I don't have swollen hands or swollen feet

But the very best thing about not being pregnant is I have this little guy...

Baker Bradley
born July 3
8 lbs 15 oz and 22 inches