February 28, 2011

Window Shopping Therapy

Sometimes when Im feeling blue, or just plain bored I window shop, from my computer.

I go to J.crew.com and add everything I want to my cart. Its my own weird sort of therapy I guess. It would have been better with a huge Diet Coke filled with ice by my side, but Ill make do for now.

Here are tonights pics. Aren't they fab? I know they don't go together, just all things Im loving right now.

And total bonus, all final sale items are an extra 30% off right now! Maybe some of these items will become a reality after all!

See I feel better already!

Please tell me Im not the only one who does this when Im a little down. Where do you window shop?

February 23, 2011

Onesie Cupcakes

I got invited to a double baby shower tomorrow night, one friend just had a BOY and one friend is expecting a GIRL!

So I made some adorably delicious onesie cupcakes!

They were EASY! All you need is one onsie, one receiving blanket, a coffee filter, some rubber bands, and a little ribbon for each cupcake

I added a little flower to the top!

Be sure to buy the largest coffee filters, 8-12 cup ones I think. I now have a million left over coffee filters, and since I don't drink coffee, Im using them for little snack plates. The kids love it. (Thanks Mom for that idea!)

I LOVE them!

It's a cute creative gift, didn't cost a fortune, and I didn't have to sew a thing!

Check out the tutorial I used on Little Birdie Secrets, its a super cute fun blog!

Then there is this guy, he refuses to wear clothes today. Hummmm.

February 20, 2011

Lonny Magazine

I feel like Ive just been let in on the best secret!

Friends, have you heard of Lonny? Its absolutely fabulous in every way.
Its a free digital magazine. Probably everyone but me has known about Lonny for months, thats usually how it works. But now I know! And Im in love!

Now I see the need for an iPad!

No, seriously, Im in love with every page.

February 18, 2011

Kindergarten Bound

I nearly cried when we went to the school to pick up his registration packet.

He asked me "Do I look like a tough guy?" Yes Avery, you do

I think Hawaii starts school pretty early. He will only be 4 when he starts! The plan is to start him in school now, then when we move to VA put him in whatever grade his age group is in. He might do 1st grade twice. I just really dont want him graduating from High School when he is only 17! When are your kids starting?

Did I mention its full day Kindergarten (except Wednesdays are half day)! What am I going to do without this boy everyday?
I have till August to figure it out...

February 16, 2011


We just watched "What About Bob" last night, this scene was pretty funny, "Im saaaaaiiiiiiling!"
My experience was slightly different.

It was more Christopher Cross and less Bob.

It was a spontaneous after work excursion with my boss and a few co-workers.

We sailed around Pearl Harbor...in February! (Dont hate me)

It was so quiet and so peaceful!

Its official, Im signing up for sailing lessons!

Hearts and Truffles

I surprised my two littlest Valentines with "fancy" balloons with little candies at the bottom. They were a huge hit!

My 19 month old Lovest:
(Picture is post blue M&M)

My 4 year old Lovey:

They melt my heart.

But these melt in my mouth. I made them for my 31 year old Love.
Behold, cookie dough truffles!

They were soooooooooooooo delish! My friend at work sent me 3 separate emails telling me how much she loved them. And I dont blame her! I sent myself 3 emails and a text congratulating myself on them.

Check out my friend Jillian's blog for the recipe, its here. Pretty much every recipe on her site is delicious!

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

You really cant beat a cute, homemade Valentine made with paper doilies and glitter and heart stickers. There are a million ideas out there I would love to try...

But, sometimes you gotta just go to Target and call it good.

But you know what? They didnt care a bit!

February 13, 2011

We Love Jenny Reeder

In November my dear friend from DC, Jenny, was diagnosed with leukemia. One day she was a full-time PHD student (a seriously smart girl!) and the next her full-time job is beating this cancer. Its NOT FUN!

And turns out fighting cancer is a pretty expensive endeavor! So to help Jenny, and show our love and support, some of my favorite people on the planet have set up this wonderful auction to help her out.

There is some seriously great stuff up for grabs, check out the loot here.

It starts on Valentines Day! So hurry up, check it out and bid away!

Also go here to Jenny's blog and see for yourself how truly rad she is.

I'll just end with one of my favorite Jenny Reeder moments: We were running the Baltimore Half Marathon and had carpooled up to Baltimore from DC early in the morning. When we parked the car and got out it was a beautiful morning, and Jenny totally busted out in full Broadway glory "Good morning Baltimore!" from Hairspray. It was awesome. I can still see it.

Love you and miss you Jenny!