June 20, 2011

Artsy at Sweetest Petunia!

Jacky from The Sweetest Petunia is featuring my designs on her blog today and hosting a giveaway!
Go here to check it out

I love her blog, its the latest addition to my RSS feed!

June 10, 2011

A Baby "Shower"

My new friend Kaleesha is having a baby boy any day now. A few of my other friends and I threw her a little baby shower. Get it? Shower? As in rain?

I love this idea, but I cant take any credit for the creativity here. I got my inspiration (and basically copied everything) from here.

The cupcakes were my favorite thing. I took about a million pictures of them.
(maybe I will show my DIY/temporary tiered cake stand some day soon)

I finally had a reason to get my hands on some adorable straws!

The final spread. Tons of good food! Im just going to come right out and admit I have a serious weakness for trifle. I saved a bowl of it after the party, you know to share with Brad, but ended up eating the whole bowl myself during nap time the next day. Have I no shame?!? Guess not.

Kaleesha, good luck birthing your little man into the world! Cant wait to see him!!

Special thanks to my dear friend (and look-alike) Lindi at Love the Day for the awesome party designs! And Daisy, you are mad with the scissors girl! And Tara, Kelsey, and Breanne my co-conspiritors, love you guys!

Im Featured, Plus a Giveaway!

Hey Friends!
Have you been over to The Nurse Mommy yet?

Nurse Mommy

Its a cute blog that specializes in product reviews and lots of giveaways, cant go wrong there right?

Well guess who is being featured today??? Yep, me! Im so excited!!
Head over there and enter to win a lil sumpin' sumpin' special from my shop.

(Even if you blog stalk me and never leave comments :) )

Another fun blogger will be featuring me and hosting a giveaway soon! Im so excited. Make sure to like me on FB for reminders!

In completely unrelated news:

My cousin Daisy is visiting for the summer. She deserves her own post!
Im going night swimming in the ocean tonight!
I just watched Tanlged for the first time this morning (loved it, duh!)
Ive typed this whole post while sword fighting on the side. Im a multi tasker.

Have a great weekend!

June 07, 2011

Bathing Beauties

We like schedules (pronounced "shed-yule" if you please) around here. We try to do things pretty much the same everyday for our bedtime routine.

Its the usual business:
bath (although those two can flip flop)
brush teeth
vitamins and water
music on the iPod while they drift off to dream land.

Avery is even more ruled by the routine than I am. But sometimes, we live a little crazy and skip a bath (like if they were swimming in the pool in the yard all afternoon. You might think its gross, but I count it!)

We skipped the bath on Saturday night and had it on Sunday morning before church instead. Im so glad we did!!

I love a good baby bath picture. Usually they turn out all yellow and dark for me. But since we were bathing in the morning, the lighting was awesome!

And the only mustache that EVER looks good, is a bubble one!

Im a firm believer that everyone looks better when wet, kids are no exception! These two were squeaky clean!

Moral of the story: I should loosen up a bit on my shed-yule. The pictures might be great! And my boys hair will smell more like the mango smoothie shampoo during church. Bonus!!