July 28, 2010

We made it!

The flight was surprisingly good! My kids really did me a favor and behaved on the 6 hour 15 min. flight. They were way better than the annoying kid and his super annoying mom two rows up. Doesnt it seem like sometimes the parents are worse than the kids? Anyway, we are here. Staying in a vacation rental for a few weeks till all our stuff gets unloaded off the big ship.

Here is a small taste of what I have in store.... (taken from the back deck of our rental last night)

July 19, 2010


I havent been keeping up with the blog lately. We are in a major transition right now. About a month ago we left our hearts in DC and came home to Prescott, AZ for an extended stay. Its been fabulous!! But the best is yet to come. Tomorrow morning before the sun is up, the boys and I will be on our way to meet up with Brad in Hawaii!!!

Yes, Im moving to Hawaii tomorrow!!!

Cant wait. The only thing in between me and paradise is 3000 miles on a plane with two rambunctious boys. Wish me luck.