September 30, 2008

In a world of his own

I love to watch him play in his own world. I love the conversations the cars have. Some are bad and have time out, some give hugs and kisses, some make animal sounds, and some just gab back and forth. 

September 24, 2008

Budding Artist

The day I have been waiting for has finally come. He finally loves to color! Coloring was always my favorite thing to do, are you surprised? Ok I admit I still love a good Barbie coloring book with new crayons. Does it get much better? Avery will use every color in his little 28 pack of crayons. Right now he has really been into the Winnie the Pooh book, which he calls "tigger pooh".  When he finished the page he stood up and shouted "wookie mine Mom!" he was so proud. 

September 21, 2008

I have upgraded!

Friday night Brad surprised me with a cute new yellow iPod nano! I absolutely LOVE it!! Thank you Bradley!! Check out the add...

September 18, 2008

Sewing Project One- Check!

I have decided to (temporarily) put down the paint brush and pick up the sewing machine, metaphorically speaking of course (sewing machines are quite heavy).  I have a few sewing projects that are begging to get finished. This was one of them.  For some reason I saw this flannel train fabric and had to have it for Avery. He LOVES trains.  As a matter of fact I sing the Thomas the Tank Engine song for him about 20 times a day. It is forever stuck in my head. I need help! But that is whole other problem. Anyway, I decided to make him a pillow case. It is super soft and I think he will really like it. Maybe it will help him go to sleep faster. Tonight he realized for the first time that if you jump in your bed it is bouncy and fun! Maybe this pillow will help. Then again maybe not, but at least its cute. 

New Favorite Book

Have you ever heard an almost 2 year old say "pterodactyl"? Its pretty dang cute. 

September 03, 2008

Water Baby

We aren't giving up on Summer yet! And with our pool open until the middle of October we don't have to!

Today while we were in the pool Avery stood up and shouted, "I wuv (love) bwoo (blue) Mom! I wuv bwoo cars!" Now I know, I guess he thought I didn't.