January 26, 2010

Buttercup Bag

I knew I had to make this bag as soon as I saw it.

Thanks to Rae at Made By Rae for posting this totally adorable Buttercup Bag tutorial!

I used some birthday fabric given to me on my lucky number 29 birthday by Aunt Spicy. I love the fabric, but I think for this bag a more sturdy fabric would be better. The lining is of course hot pink.

This was my first time doing pleats and using a magnetic snap!

This bag was so fun to make, you can be sure there will be more buttercup bags in my future!

On a side note, the chair the bag is on is one of my all time favorite chairs. It has a long crazy history and its pretty random that I ended up with it. But thats a story for another day!

January 23, 2010

A Little Fabric, And A Little Chain

I love necklaces.
Im pretty new to necklaces, before I was mostly an earring accessorizer.
Im acquiring a pretty nice collection!
Here is my latest addition:

Fabric and Chain

It was so easy. Half a jelly roll strip, folded over, sewed, and gathered on the chain.

I used Moda Arcadia by Sanae

Looks cute dressed up or with a plain T shirt and jeans, which is good cuz thats what I like to wear!

And pretty soon I will have a quilt to match! Stay tuned for that...

January 09, 2010

Thinking it over...

Every January I get this feeling. I want to make changes. Empty out my dresser drawers, reorganize my fabric stash, clean out the pantry, give up sugar, cut bangs.

Update and restyle this blog is also on my list.

Unfortunately not all items on the list will get checked off, I am only one woman after all! And those dresser drawers are daunting.

But the blog is on the top of the list!

And bangs.

Stay tuned!

January 02, 2010

An the winner is...

Initial Christmas!
by Autumn

Initial Christmas : 15 votes
Ornamental Christmas : 7 votes

I would like to thanks all of you who voted for me!
Brad, better luck next year!

Running score is Brad 2 wins, Autumn 2 wins and one tie

Take a look at years past...

Naming of the wreaths was not invented yet, but Autumn did the pink bulbs (no surprise there) and Brad has the wooden garland and poinsettia.
Winner: Autumn 21 to 17!

Brads "Cranberry Snow" vs. Autumns "Snowflake Surprise"

Winner: TIE!

Brads "Dont Mess With Glitter" vs. Autumns "Glamorous Nature"

Winner: Brads "Don't Mess With Glitter" 10 votes to 5.

Autumns "Golden Spirit of Christmas" vs. Brads "Presents and Poinsettias"

Winner: Brads "Presents and Poinsettias" 23 to 22 votes, a very close year.

Stay tuned till next year, the competition is getting fierce and Ive already started planning.