September 30, 2010

Make Over My Dining Room

We are pretty much settled in here. I have some follow up posts coming to show a little of what we have done with the place. I love our dining room, but it still has a ways to go. My plan for is to get a variety of chairs and refinish them all in the same color. Im looking for six chairs total. We bought a super cute white pedestal table at Crate & Barrel before we moved here sans chairs. I think bright Tiffany's blue will really make the whole room bright and happy!

I found two cute chairs at Salvation Army. They were originally $10 each, but when I got to the register the lady gave me 15% off! I think its funny when thrift stores have "sales". Isnt everything in there super cheap anyway? A few weeks ago I found a black spiderman costume for Avery at Goodwill and it was 50% off, it cost $2. Why even bother with the % off? I would have paid $4.

Anyway, here is what I did with them.



Distressed just a tad with my very first power tool! Love me some power tools.

My two models trying out the new chair:

I want to give a special shout out to my awesome and incredibly talented friend Julie, who is a pro at refinishing furniture and inspired this project. And this color always reminds me of her! (Miss you Julie!)

September 08, 2010

If you need me...

If you need me, look for me here:

Its were I go most days.

Can you blame me?

September 01, 2010

A Few Things

1. My baby can walk! He even wears shoes, well sometimes he wears shoes. No babies wear shoes in Hawaii. But when I do put them on he giggles.

2. Aforementioned baby can also do an evil villain laugh. Muah ha ha. It might be his best trick.

3. We bought a VW van! Brad was the driving force (sorry) behind it. I go back and forth. I love the way it looks and the fact that its a van and a VW makes it really cool. But, its old and I we have a lot of work to do on it. But that might actually turn out to be on the good side of the list.

4. If you had a VW van what color would you paint it?

5. Its 4:40 and both my kids are asleep. I think Im in trouble tonight!

6. I have a garden! I just picked some rosemary for tonights chicken.

7. I talk about super heros for approximately 90% of my day. Avery is borderline obsessed. Its cute to see him so into a topic. But a little variety in our lives would be nice!

8. There is a really zen looking yoga studio just down the road. I think Im going to start taking classes there. I might join the "Yoga For Surfers" class.

9. The guest suite is almost ready. So pack your bags. Im dying for some visitors.

10. Have you seen the model in the newest J.Crew catalog that looks exactly like Jesus in a suit? I love it!