July 30, 2008

A few adventures caught on film, well not really "film", its digital. But you get the idea...

National Botanic Gardens
Playing Train
Montezuma's Castle
Boating in Greer AZ
National Air and Space Museum

July 28, 2008

A thoughtful friend

A great little treat bag complete with homegrown veggies, cobbler mix (that is very rare in these parts), blackberry filling, my favorite cake that makes great cookies w/frosting and sprinkles.  What is better than this? 

Thank you Carlota! I cant wait to try the cobbler! Hey want to come over for cobbler? 

July 22, 2008

A Fish Wish for Avery

A Fish Wish for Avery
by Me
2 Paintings 9x12 inches
Oil on Canvas

Details of each fish to follow

Avery loves fish! He needed a little something to brighten up his space above his little table I love the bright oranges and yellow against a bright blue background.  Each one has a little personality all its own to me.  But that could just be my imagination running wild while I was painting these little guys.  I hope Avery likes them as much as I do.  They will hang side by side and hopefully bring a little life to our dining room corner.

July 14, 2008

Ben vs. Wild

Ben vs. Wild
By Autumn 
Oil on Canvas 18 x 24


Color Inspiration

Mark Rothko, Untitled, 1953

To me the colors are perfect.  I especially love the little bit of orange that peeks out at the bottom.  With the subtle differences in the brown and the texture it seems like I could look at this work of art all day.  It may look like some blocks of color, and you may think "hey I could do that" but I think there is alot more to this than you notice at first glance.
 Im thinking something in my apartment needs to be fushia, brown, and orange. The colors are too good not to copy.

July 03, 2008

Antique Treasures

Prescott Arizona has more antique stores than I can count. Many of them are in super old buildings that have endless rooms with nooks and crannies and twists and turns. It is very easy to get lost in some of these places, but that is half the fun. Im also 95% sure that all of them are totally haunted-that is not a joke. I have always been interested in antiques and vintage clothes, especially coats and jackets. The only thing I really dont like is antique dolls!! I get the shivers just thinking about those creepy things. (If anyone would like the story I can tell you about the time my Grandma took me and my sister to her friends basement that had thousands of antique dolls, scariest place on earth!!!) But this time I may have found my new antique love, dishes! I saw these two wonderful bowls on my most recent trip.  The pine tree branch is exactly like the trees that surround my parents house.  It just looks like Prescott National Forrest.  I am super excited to start collecting the whole set of "Brown Pine Branch" by Larchmont-Sango. Maybe by the time Im 90 I will have a full set!

July 02, 2008

Any Takers???

I just signed up, does anyone want to run with me? We have plenty of time to train and get in shape! I am by no means hard core so dont be afraid! Its Oct 11 (a Saturday) so clear your calendar...