March 30, 2011

Spare me Safeway!

I was a little blown away yesterday at my local Safeway. I know Hawaii has high grocery prices, but this is insane! I snapped a few pictures to share with you friends...

One dozen eggs: $4.99 They arent even XL!

Juice: $6.99! It better have some magical powers

Ground turkey: $6.99 for 1.25 lbs. Wha????

I love these pie crusts but for $4.69 I will just suck it up and make it myself

And finally, pie filling: $7.25!!!! Crazy town!

I wanted to make some little cherry pies, but when I saw these prices I was going to write it off! But it was my lucky day, I found cherry pie filling (just like the one above) in the clearance section for 50% off! And I was able to get the very last Safeway brand pie crust, only $3.69. I was still able to have pie!! I know you were worried about it.

I have never loved Costco more! I went there immediately after Safeway. I felt much better after leaving. I got 18 eggs for $3.15, a four pack of ground turkey about the same size as that for only $2.49 a pound, and two giant juice bottles for $7.49.

Thats more like it!!

Just one more reason to love Costco

How does Hawaii compare to your home town? Does Costco save you too? Or are your regular grocery stores doable?

March 23, 2011

Brothers in the pool

I love these pictures!

At first Baker was a little confused,

But he figured out where the problem was.

Just another afternoon in paradise...

March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

We decided to celebrate a little early this year (since I have to work tomorrow and wont be home very early).

So tonight was...

Pesto pasta from our ever growing basil patch, cucumbers, and of course, green jello. We drank apple juice because I couldnt find green kool-aid anywhere! Probably better that way ;)

We also crafted today...
Thumb print clovers

I recently found this little beauty found at Goodwill for $1! Ive been waiting for St. Patty's to roll around to show it off!
But it sort of still smells like Crayons. Im thinking a good bleach soak is in order.

Mr Lucky...

Mr. Not-so-lucky...
(why is it when you cut their hair, they suddenly look like teenagers?!?)

Hope you all have a great SPD! If you need some Irish-ness in your life check out Scooby Doo and the Loch Ness Monster. The accents are hilarious.

March 11, 2011

Tsunami What?!?

What a crazy night! Hawaii was under a Tsunami warning all night due to a super huge earthquake in Japan. The pictures Im seeing of the Tsunami in Japan are heartbreaking!

Luckily we didn't experience anything like that. The scary part was waiting. The lady on the radio was saying "the wave should his in two minutes!" and counting it down. I finally turned off the radio, they were getting on my nerves. The real info came from the National Weather Service facebook page. They were awesome. They updated every few minutes.

At about 10pm Brad and I started to pack things up, ready to run in case things got really serious. Looking around out house, there wasnt much I really cared about, most of it could be replaced.

Here is what we did grab:

Books! Most of these are my old childhood books, family books, the boys' baby books and favorite books.
We also grabbed all our files. All the birth certificates, SS cards, and all that.

Random things I packed, blankets, towels, TP, a giant bag of mini wheats (?), clothes for everyone and a few toys, diapers, some jewelry

Brad had the electronics covered. The camera, the laptop, the hard drive with all our pictures and the backup of our computer.

For me the eeriest thing was hearing the Tsunami warning sirens. They sounded every hour from about 10 till 3 am. They made me super nervous! Its hard to know how serious a situation really is when you are in the middle of it, and its the middle of the night. I dont know about you, but I dont always think critically in the middle of the night!

Luckily our house is about a mile in from the coast and we are 50 feet in elevation so we weren't in an immediate evacuation zone. Many of my friends were. Im not sure of the extent of damage or what really happened here on Oahu, but I dont thing it was too bad. The schools are closed today, and I think the ocean is still pretty wild.

I finally went to bed at 4am when I was sure the wave wasnt as big as it might have been. I knew we were safe.

Thank you to all of you who sent me texts and facebook messages! It made me feel loved!

And now that I know my little world is safe, Im going to unpack everything and then make some cinnamon rolls, it is iPad 2 day after all!

March 06, 2011

Homemade Christmas Part 2: The Wallets

I know Christmas was forever ago, but Im just getting around to posting this. Which is funny, since this is the post Ive been excited to do before they were even finished! So lets delay no further. I give you, The Wallets!

For the ladies in my life:

My Mother-in-law:
Don'tcha love the button?

My Sister-in-law:
I love this flower, with its wooden button

For my Mom:
Of course in her favorite color palette. This was was my first attempt at a little change pouch with Velcro closure

For my newest Sister-in-law:
I love the extra ruffly bright yellow ruffle!

For me! (You dont think I would go to all this work and not have something to show for it myself do you??):
I cant get enough of the chevrons. I want a floor like that in my dream kitchen. This was my first attempt at a magnetic closure on a wallet. It was easy and I wanted to do more, but I cant find any more of them on this whole blasted island!

See what I mean with the chevrons?

For my sister:
This might be my favorite one. I love everything about it. (No offense to the other wallets;) )
All together now!

There was one more wallet for my BFF, but I sent it off hastily without snapping a pic, oops!

My first attempt at a wallet was not pretty, but these went much much better. I modified the pattern quiet a bit and made it more me. They are pretty time consuming little buggers to make, but they were a lot of fun. I love choosing the fabric combinations. I have a whole stack of combos all ready to be made in another batch of wallets. Too bad this batch just about did my poor little Brother machine in.

March 05, 2011

A Glimpse Inside the Life of Baker

Binky, blanket, books and this kid is set

What can I say, he leads a simple life.