October 30, 2012

Hazel's Birth, Longer Version

After 41 weeks I was ready to get this baby girl born! We went in on Tuesday September 18th to be induced at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu. Its a good 45 min drive without traffic (and that rarely happens). We got there and all checked in by 2pm. I was expecting the action to start and be over with pretty quick. With both Avery and Baker I was induced and they were both born within 6 hours after arriving at the hospital. 

I got all hooked up to the pitocin and we waited. 8 hours in and I hadnt made any progress. I kept telling them to crank it up and break my water! But they didnt, when my water was finally broken things really picked up. Thank goodness for epidurals and extra boosts to epidurals!! We watched a Cupcake Wars marathon and a Chopped marathon on the Food Network. I was SO hungry and it was the only channel that could keep my attention through all the contractions! 

Finally around 1am my doctor came in and I gave one big push and Hazel was born! It took her a few seconds to cry, she had some major lung gunk. And the Doctor said the cord was around her neck, but not very tight. There is nothing in the world like the instant relief after finally getting a baby out! 

She weighed in at a nice 9 pounds 2 oz and 21 inches. Not a sign of jaundice, just a pretty pink color. We stayed at the hospital the rest of that night and the next then asked to come home a day early. We were both feeling great and I felt like I would be able to rest better in my own bed without someone checking my blood pressure every ten minutes! The only thing that was making me want to stay was the air conditioning! I had my room AC blasting! 

Since we have been home little Hazel has proved to be such a good baby! I think she sleeps better than baker does now! Not even the roosters wake her up!