December 05, 2011

Hawaiian Style Christmas Tree!

We put up the tree! We found a cut your own tree farm here on Hawaii, actually only about 15 minutes from our house. We picked a very Hawaiian looking tree. Its a nordic pine. I spent a very long time and a whole box of paper clips getting lights on it. I was worried that it wouldnt feel christmasy enough, but I really do love how it turned out. It might be my favorite tree ever. It was fun walking down the rows of trees and selecting the one we wanted. When we found it the guy came and sawed it down, the trunk is only about 3 inches in diameter, and put it in the net and tied it to our car! The boys thought it was great. What I really love about this tree is you can really see every ornament.

Ive been happy that the weather has been feeling cooler for us. I know you would still think its really warm (we are still wearing shorts and sandals after all) but by Hawaii standards its been cool! Im loving it. I need some cooler weather!

In other news, our rooster has gone from adolescent to full on Rooster. And I think he hates us. It might have something to do with Brad and Jonathan trying to kill it with rocks. Rooster's favorite activity starts around 5am. He stands DIRECTLY under our bedroom window and cock-a-dood-les up at us. I saw him today, he doesnt just stand beneath our window, he actively stretches his neck up and points his beak at the window for maximum volume delivery. But Im not sure what to do about it!

Picking a tree in shorts and sandals

Nose scrunch!

Our fearless leader

Love it! Im surprisingly feeling very Christmasy in this tropical paradise!