November 22, 2008

Flying at the Park

He loves to go high, he can even ask for "under dog!" (Daddy taught him that). Its been chilly here but it doesn't stop us from going to the park. 

Free Soda!!

(I promise I wont put any more ugly celebrity pictures on my blog after this)

Dr. Pepper is giving us all free soda coupons this Sunday! And who do we have to thank? You guessed it, Guns N' Roses. Earlier this year Dr. Pepper said that if GNR actually released an album in 2008 they would give everyone in America free soda. And they did. So this sunday go here to get your coupon (the coupons will only be there for 24 hours, so dont forget!)

I think its so funny that Dr. Pepper made this bet in the first place. Why do they care what Guns N' Roses does anyway? But who am I to complain? I get a free drink out of it. So I say "Welcome back Axel! Nice to see you agian!"

November 19, 2008

Parenting Tips

Parenting wisdom according to Snoop Dogg:

1. Know when to lie to your kids
2. Know when to be mean and know when to be a friend
3. Always stay in control
4. Serve them juice but hold the gin
5. When the kids give you attitude, pop 'em like it's hot

Pearls of wisdom I tell you, fo shizzle!

(from Martha Stewart blog, click here to watch him make mashed potatoes with Martha, its pretty funny)

November 13, 2008

When Mom's Away...

I went out of town to St. Louis for a whole week and left my guys home. Brad was a great Mr. Mom (I was never even on isle 7!!) and Avery was a champ. They didnt just sit home and miss me, oh no. They were out adventurizing! Or as Avery says "a benture". Here are some photos of some of the things they have done recently. 
Avery and some modern art
Avery and Daddy
At the 3-D Dinosaur Movie
Imitating the snake

Outside Natural History Museum

A Triceratops head. For some reason Avery calls Triceratops "Dino Hockey"
Inside the museum, navigating the stairs with the airplane in hand
Out front