May 24, 2008

Its A Sign

Some people claim to have the Virgin Mary on a piece of toast, or Mickey's ears on the side of a cow.  What do we get? A lobster on our counter! 

Future Pilot

Andrews Air Force Base Joint Services Air Show 2008
This one has teeth! (dont worry he was nice)
He was SOOOO excited to be there. He kept yelling, and I mean yelling, "AIRPLANE!! JET!!!" 
I love this picture taken out on the tarmac.  He loved the open space to just run.  There were alot of Military people there in uniform and Avery kept saying "Oh Hi" to them. Everyone was really nice and talked to him. 
He really liked this big "copter"
Avery showing off his jumping skills.  He was so excited he just kept jumping and skipping
In a Coast Guard Helicopter. The pilots were so nice, they were trying to make him laugh!

Highlights of the show were the helicopter that did backflips! Helicopters arent supposed to be able to do that! And my favorite the F-22 RAPTOR.  Coincidentally Avery was wearing a shirt that said RAPTOR on it.  The plane is seriously the coolest thing every created.  It did a slow fly by, crazy, then it like hovered almost, and then it would do the fast fly by.  It is amazing. I could keep going on and on about all the cool stuff we saw.  I felt very patriotic.  It was a really great trip and fun to show Avery some of our countries finest!

May 15, 2008

Just his size

I had been wanting to get Avery a little table just his size for a while in hopes he would move off the AC vent (now that is getting warm and the AC is on his little fingers turn to icicles when he plays there for a while) and onto the table.  That and I sometimes feel bad putting his plate of snacks on the floor like a puppy, his little dish of food over in the corner.  I finally found a cute one on craigs list! He loves the table, he eats and plays there alot.  But as you can see in the background of one of the pictures the AC unit is still a favored place to play around this house. Here he is sharing some raisins with the cowboy duck and monkey.   

May 14, 2008

Fathers and Sons Camp-out

The forecast was rain, rain, rain.  It cleared up just enough so they went anyway and had a blast.  Turns out the rain fly didnt quite do its job so they spent the last few hours of sleep in the front seat of the car.  Avery didnt mind, he found an interesting object in the glove box. I still dont think he knows what it really does.

They had a blast, when is the next trip?!?

May 08, 2008

An Apple A Day

This one is an eater! 
He is such a good boy. I am a lucky Mama this Mothers Day!

An Interior

This sunny interior makes me want to sit in that window seat and read a good book. Everyday when I walk past this painting I wish the zebra ottoman were in my living room instead of hanging on the hallway wall.  I painted this a few months ago.  I especially like the shadow on the floor and the reflections on the table.  It was a fun painting to create because I felt like I was hanging out in that room.  

Oil on Canvas, 18x24 in.

May 03, 2008

What is your favorite children's book?

Im looking to expand Avery's library.  He loves books! Im looking for some good suggestions.  Recently we checked this one out from the library.  The illustrations are great! I dont mind reading it 20 times in a row, well maybe not 20 more like 10.  Ya I could read it 10 in a row.  Do you have any 10 in a row books?  

May 01, 2008

To the Butterfly Walk!!

Thanks to Brad the wonderful photographer and tour guide!