September 26, 2009

The Spooks Swoop and Swirl with the Phantom

We love three things at this house...
1- Spinning,
2- Phantom of the Opera, and
3- Spinning while listening to Phantom of the Opera.

We hold any number of things while spinning, it can be toy jets, pens, dinosaurs, or pieces of paper.

Avery found these sheets of paper and started to spin, he realized they looked like ghosts so we drew ghosts on them. He loved it!

He started off slow,

But soon gained speed!

The Phantom was really belting it out!

He spun with equal enthusiasm!

A final pose for the grand finale!

A note on Phantom of the Opera: I dont know WHY he loves it so much, but he LOVES it! It is on repeat from 7 am till bed. I try to limit the number of times it gets played in a day (it is forever stuck in my head now) but he knows how to launch iTunes and tries to play it himself if I dont do it for him.

Today during the song "Prima Donna" he said, "Mom who is the Prim Obama?" It took me a few minutes to figure out what he was talking about.

I guess for now we will just listen on repeat and spin till his little heart's content.

September 15, 2009

Photographer Avery

Avery knows his way around my phone almost as good as I do. His latest skill is taking pictures with the camera on it. He takes candid shots of me all day without me knowing. Let me tell you there have been some pretty unflattering photos, but dont worry they wont be posted. But I love it when I turn on my phone and discover pictures he has taken that I had no idea about. Its so fun to see things from his perspective. Here are a few samples of his work from the other night. He was wedged in between the couch and the ottoman in "good place for boys to sit" (his words not mine). The white thing on the ground is his "togi" aka his favorite blanket.

September 03, 2009

An outing

The weather is finally bearable! So I packed up the boys, hoped on the metro and headed to some of my favorite DC spots.

The Navy Memorial
Avery had never been here and he loved the water falls. There are also some really awesome relief sculptures. We spent a good deal of time at each one, there are like 20! I had to bribe him with raisins to get him to follow me to our actual destination.

At the Navy Memorial fountains.

The Sculpture Garden of the National Gallery of Art
The perfect place to go to dip your toes! I love the sculpture garden. There is always a seat in the shade and the marble is always cool even when its hot out.

Enjoying some of the art.

A favorite sculpture. It is a miracle I got him away from here without climbing to the top! He really wanted to!

Me and Baker chillin in the shade while Avery splashed in the fountain.

Check out the Sculpture Garden next time you are looking for a fast low key outing where it wont really matter if one or more children have a total melt down. Those are pretty much my criteria for anywhere I go these days.