August 30, 2009

How I spent my Saturday night...

Section 304, row D, seat 32, at the Kenny Chesney concert!

It was a GREAT concert! Kenny totally rocked it, more on that later. First up, Lady Antebellum.

Im going to be honest with you here, I didnt love them. I was excited to see them. I really like all their songs I had heard on the radio but in person Im not really a fan! Im bummed! I think it has something to do with one of the main guys. The guy in the picture below with the black T shirt (BTW it looks like a babydoll T). There was just something about him that totally bugs me. The girl sounded really good, I would like to have more of her and less of him.

Up next, Miranda Lambert! I have always admired her open redneckness. She is loud and proud redneck girl. She was really good! Plus she has a hot pink guitar, doesnt get much better. She sounded great too.

I would like to point out a really random, out of place individual. Please look closely at the photo below. In the center there is a guitar player with a spiked up MOHAWK! I dont get it. Does he know he is in a COUNTRY band? Country bands dont have mohawks. Mullets? Yes. Rat tails? Quite possibly. Mohawks? No. But I guess more power to him. He was rocking out and having fun, mohawk and all.

And finally, my man Kenny. First off I want to say he is so predictable. Kristen and I totally called exactly what he would be wearing. Why do people cut sleeves off T-shirts? I will save that conversation for another day. We dont have time right now. Anyway, he was REALLY great! The man can sing! He played for over 2 hours and it was a party the whole time.

My favorite picture of the night! He had really cool screens set up and great lights. I love Kenny even more now then before! In fact, Im thinking of incorporating a "Kenny Quote of the Day" feature on my blog. Any thoughts on that?
Thanks to Krissy, my BFF and the best person to go to a country concert with!
And thanks to Brad for staying home with two little monsters!

August 28, 2009

No fair!

Check out the eyelashes on this one! Seriously his lower lashes are longer than my top ones even when Im wearing mascara! Why do the boys always get the great lashes?

Its just not fair!

August 27, 2009


This baby.

This baby finally smiled! He was holding out. I was starting to wonder about him.

This baby is sweet and cuddly. Just look at that face! He loves his Mama, which is good because Im kinda attached to him too.

And he has great hair!

August 26, 2009


We have a lot of blank white walls in our apartment. The living room, the dining room (they are kind of the same big room so we will just count that as one room) and the boys bedroom. The beds have tons of great color with the rocket ship inspired bedding in the crib and from the quilt. And they have a really fun red bookcase and matching shelf, but the walls needed some help.

Here is what I came up with:

I took two small canvases (12x14 inches) and painted their names and rockets from the bedding. I love how they turned out. Avery is so proud of them! He tells me which one is his and which one is Bakers a couple of times a day.

Im glad Avery likes them, I like them too!

August 25, 2009

My favorite things-kitchen edition

There are a few things around my house that make me happy every time I see them. I have decided to feature a few of those things here on my blog! Starting with the kitchen, one of my favorite places.

My cabinet. I love this. Its resides in my kitchen

It graciously holds my pink bowls. The pink bowls that I almost didnt buy. Im so glad I did! They are perfect because when you eat ice cream out of them the spoon doesnt make that horrible scraaaaapppee noise that gives me the chills! AND they were on sale! ;)

My favorite cake plate. What is it about cake plates? I love them and this is my favorite. Just the right amount of pretty but still simple.

I love this cabinet and everything in it. From my white Emile Henry bowls to my vintage china dishes that remind me of home and the Prescott National Forrest.

If you know my husband, you may not be too surprised to see an iMac in my kitchen. Turns out a kitchen computer is the best thing ever! I love being able to look up recipes on line (tasty kitchen my current fav) and pull up the ones I have saved in my files. And I can listen to Pandora while I cook! I highly recommend a kitchen computer! Oh and that is my favorite cook book too, Barefoot Contessa at home. Yum!
(Yes the computer is in front of a door. We have a door in our kitchen that leads out to the hallway. I dont know why, its weird. We blocked it)
Just a few things that make me happy in my kitchen. Because when I see the dishes pilled high and the floor a disaster, I need a few pretty things in there to cheer me up!

August 24, 2009


This kid.

This kid is almost three.

This kid wants to be a fighter pilot when he is big. (that and drive a car so he can go to Target "ALL BY MYSELF!")

This kid is sweet and funny and smart and stubborn!
A perfect little boy!

August 23, 2009


I love to see them asleep (of course) but when they are asleep together it is my very favorite!

Oh and they stayed just like this for three hours!

August 07, 2009


This little guy is the inspiration for my next project. Im really excited!
Think big, think bird, think turquoise, think something to finally cover these blank white walls!

August 04, 2009

Thanks a Million!

Check out this amazing quilt!
It is a gift for Baker from my dear friend Aunt Spicy. I am totally in love with it. The fabric matches the bumper I made for his crib. And the colors are so perfect. Doesnt that orange make you want to drink some Orange Crush? Maybe I just like Orange Crush, dont judge.

Baker has already broken it in! It is super soft too!

Here is my special assistant helping me get a good photo in the sunlight.

Im planning on making a matching one for Avery with the same pattern and fabric. I cant wait to see it all put together in their room!

Thank you so much Aunt Spicy! This is seriously the best thing anyone has ever made for me (technically I know its Baker's blanket, but Im planning on using it too :) ) You are spectacular in pretty much every way!!!