October 24, 2011

Getting Back Into Things

Before all the sickness got us down (and even before that I guess) I was doing the Pinterest projects. My plan was to choose a couple of projects or recipes a week from Pinterest and create them and blog my results. Well, Ive really slacked off. But we are back at it people!!

This week is Avery's fifth birthday and our first time ever getting to bring birthday treats to school! Since we aren't having a big party with friends he wanted to do something special for his school class. This is what he picked:

Its just a yellow cupcake with a brownie patty and frosting condiments! Originally from Bakerella for Fathers day. They look so cute, maybe a little gross but cute. We are also doing cookie french fries. I got little trays to put the "meal" in! Other big birthday plans include a trip to McDonalds (totally his choice, I tried to talk him out of it. But oh well, easy for me!!) and more cake and presents. Things can be pretty mello when you are 5!

Stay tuned to see my version of these babies!

(Still confused about what the heck Pinterest is? Go here to see my boards and sign your self right up!)

UPDATE: Baker is doing great. He went to church and to a dinner party today. He is sleeping in his own bed (and not on the couch with me thank goodness!) and being his usual cute self! Yay!

October 21, 2011

Sick Baker

We have had a rough couple of weeks health wise around here. It all started with pink eye and ear infections (not too bad, but still a Dr. visit) then two Fridays ago Avery had a trip to the Emergency Room and we found out he developed pneumonia. It was our first Emergency Room visit ever! He was really close to being hospitalized. He suffered through x rays and breathing treatments and he missed a week of school! We got him all squared away and I thought we were on the road to recovery.

I also had a trip to the Dr. for a whole bunch of gunk in my lungs. Side note: my north shore Dr. was so funny. He didn't wear shoes. Awesome

Then last Sunday Baker started complaining of stomach pains. He was in a lot of pain and it wasn't stopping. So it was his turn to head to the Emergency Room. Its so hard to know if you need to go or not. I struggled with it. I even pulled up in the parking lot and turned around because I thought he was fine after all. But about two minutes later I turned around and we went back. It was a good thing I did too.

At the hospital in Wahiawa

The poor baby was given an IV. Baby IVs are so sad. After some X rays and ultrasounds on his tummy he was transferred to the children's hospital in an ambulance with lights and sirens. It was such a surreal and super scary moment for me, he was a champ. We got to the children's hospital around 10 pm. He had more x rays and ultrasounds and it was determined he had something called intussussception. Basically his intestines were turning in on itself like when you collapse a telescope. Its very painful and can be very serious if not treated quickly

A sight I never want to see again

He was able to be treated with a very painful barium enema that night around 11. It was so horrible being there and watching my baby go through so much. Ive never heard him scream so hard. The enema was successful and his intestine corrected. He was so wiped out. We stayed the night with hopes of coming home then next day.

Couldn't resist this one. Cute baby bum

With intussusception there is a small chance of reoccurrence. We were the small chance. The next day around noon he started showing signs that it had happened again, lots of stomach pains! So they did more ultra sounds to confirm. Yep, we were whisked down to the radiology department for another barium enema. I was a fountain of tears at thing point. I didn't want my little baby who was already so exhausted to go through it all again. But there was no option. So we gathered our stretch and went in. The second procedure was successful too.

Such a brave boy. He loved to close up the crib and make "a house"

He didn't have any more intestine occurrences but he did develop a pretty high fever and he had a cough and runny nose. Of course there were more tests. He tested positive for two different viruses and some thing that starts with an M that was giving him a bad cough. The Dr.s didn't want us to go home but I fought it because he wasn't getting any rest at the hospital and he wasn't eating. I could treat him with Tylenol at home just like they were doing there. And he was so tired of having everyone poking him every 10 minutes! So on Tuesday evening we came home.

I had fought to get him home but once we did I got so scared. I was afraid that he would have another intestine occurrence or that his fever would get too high. I couldn't handle taking him back to the hospital, but I was so afraid to be the only one watching him. We made the right choice. He has been getting better everyday. Every night he sleeps a little more, and he is perking right up!

Baker was so brave the whole time. I am amazed by this little boy. He kept his fun personality. He would say things like "Mommy guess what? I need to tell you sumping. Um, do you like Wolverine?" We would go through all the super heroes this way. We watched Tangled a million times.

On the mend

We have been so touched by all the love and support from our family and friends. Once word got out Baker was in the hospital received so many texts that Im already over for the month! (so don't text me :) ) My church friends have brought us food every night. I can't explain how much of a comfort it is to have people come and bring me dinner. Im tearing up right now thinking about it! My dear friend Halley came and sat with me at the hospital on Monday night. She brought me some medicine (a big bag of candy) and fleece blankets for Baker and me. It really touched me.

Baker is doing better. He has loved staying home and watching Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake on repeat. I think a few more days of being home bound and he will be good to go!

Thank you to everyone who has called, texted, emailed, brought food, and said many prayers for us. I have felt so loved. Thank you. Im so grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing us so much and keeping Baker safe. I know it really is in His hands.

Now, on to Avery's fifth birthday on Wednesday and Halloween!!

October 03, 2011


Its fall break here in Hawaii, but it still feels like Summer. Avery came up with the idea to make himself a To Do list to keep busy. Here is what he has going on today:

(Park, Time (meaning when Baker is asleep), cookie making, homework, chores, lunch, and free time)

Also some hair cut shots, cuz I love his goofy little grin



Its getting to the depressing time of year for me. Everywhere else my friends and family are digging out the sweaters, jeans, flannel pj's. But Im still sweating it up in my shorts every afternoon (I know no one actually sympathizes with me) but I miss fall! But Im afraid this is as close to fall as Im going to get this year:
I LOVE Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin oil!

I think Ill make some pumpkin bread today and pretend the leaves are changing color outside :)