March 31, 2010

A little face lift

No, no face lift for me (yet!). Check back in a twenty years or so.

Im talking about this adorable little frame I found at a thrift store. You can see by the price scribbled on the front it was a bargain!

The off-white and gold accents were not too bad, but I remembered seeing a similar ornate frame at my friend Jill's house that is bright orange. I love that frame. So I got our my bright turquoise paint and went to town.

It really brightened up the frame and with this happy picture inside I love how it looks!

Us at Brads graduation from BYU Hawaii. I love our younger, tanner, and (much) thinner days- on my part at least. I mean look at that cute little white belt!!

March 15, 2010

Polka Dots and Rockets

I love this rocket ship fabric from Michael Miller. It is my favorite "boy" fabric out there. I pretty much want to clothe my boys head to toe in rocket ships and robots. But for now I will start with the toes.

I made these little shoes for Baker using this easy tutorial. The only problem is my kid has giant feet for an 8 month old. So they will probably only fit for about 4 days.

All you need is a few scraps of fabric, interfacing and some elastic. Special thanks to Aunt Spicy who saved me from having to drive to Joann on a crazy Saturday and gave me some elastic! I dedicate these shoes to you!

I decided to try to enlarge the pattern and make some girly ones for my sweet one year old niece. The polka dot fabric is some of my favorite. Its a Walmart special! She is a walker and needs a little more traction so I used some vinyl that I found in the remnant bin at Joann. Can I just say I love the remnant bin! I have found some gems there.

The polka dot shoes are quiet a bit bigger, so I will make some more for Baker in 4 days.

I love these little shoes! Make a pair for some little feet close to your heart!

March 04, 2010

Fleece Animals

Just checked this out from the library.

It was a last minute find, thanks to Brad! (The best things are always last minute finds)

There is a large pocket in front with all the patterns tucked nicely inside.

I think Avery is getting a walrus, and Baker a penguin.
Or a gorilla.
Or a duck in his Easter basket.
Or a hedgehog.

I cant decide.