June 28, 2009

Ready for baby!

I finished the baby bumper and mobile with little time to spare! I love how it turned out, especially since it was so easy. I made 6 different bumper sections each with a different print from the Robots line by David Walker. I LOVE this fabric. Its so fun and bright. I do have a pattern for a crib bumper by Simplicity, but I didn't like a lot of things about it so I took the general measurements from it and figured the rest out myself.

I also "made over" our old mobile. It used to be a safari theme mobile. I made some felt shapes that match the fabric and sewed up a quick little cover for the arm of the mobile using my favorite Walmart polka dot fabric. It really was super easy. Im not a huge fan of the robot head shape on the mobile, but Avery said its his favorite so it stayed.

The shapes are two rockets, a robot face, and a planet. Its really hard to get decent pictures of a mobile, so sorry this is the best I could do.

There are more plans for this room in the near future, but since this baby is being born on Friday (yay!!) they will have to wait a little longer.

For a closer look at the fabrics see this post.

June 19, 2009

Email Me!

I have a new email address just for my blogger friends!


My other email address still works, I just wanted one for the blog that didn't have my last name in it.
Also our address has changed, just the apartment number actually. If you want me to send you my new address, send me an email to artsyaut@gmail.com and I will send it to you.

June 16, 2009

The King of Country

Last Saturday I went to see the "King of Country", Mr. George Strait live in concert. Thanks to Kristen, winner of the WMZQ Mega Ticket, we had great seats! And it was a good thing we had those seats under the pavilion cover because just as George came on a huge thunderstorm rolled in and it poured on everyone in the lawn.

We also rocked some pretty awesome cowboy boots. Can I just take a moment to say, if you dont have boots please go get some. You wont regret it.

Julianne Hugh was the first opener. She did a great job and she had some super sparkly shoes on. Sparkly shoes will always earn a few extra points with me.
If you are bored, you can check out this link to her video

Next up, Blake Shelton. He was really great! It was a total surprise! Kristen and I are now huge fans. I even stayed in my car for an extra 2 minutes today because his song was on the radio! Plus he is good lookin'! I can say that now that he has gotten rid of the HUGE mullet he used to have. Oh my, the mullet was BAD! But lets not focus on that now.
Here is a link to Blake Shelton video, sans mullet

And finally George. This is his Pure Country moment. At least I think its him, maybe there was a switch and we were really watching Buddy Jackson. Get it??

He was great! He is just so perfectly manly. But lets not forget to give a shout out to the "Ace in the Hole" band, who are supreme, even if they did look a little bored. Im willing to cut them some slack, some of them were older than my grandpa.

This is where the cowboy rides away. Get it again?? hint: its a great song. And he really did play that last. Kind of cheesy, but thats country music for you.

And finally a video. I tried to sing along really loud so you would all know what a duet with me and George would sound like, but I am drowned out. Oh well. And finally a George video. At the end of the video I was trying to film Kristen dancing but it was too dark.

Thanks to Krissy for a great night of music and seriously the best cheeseburgers and chocolate (not strawberry) shake Ive had in a while!!!

June 09, 2009

Freaky Clouds!

We had two pretty crazy storms today. I watched the darkness descend over my apartment building. It was only about 5:30pm or so but it got dark fast. 

I have to admit this cloud was making me nervous. I was about ready to grab Avery and head to the basement! It was even swirling around and coming lower! Luckily it went away. (if you look close this cloud even has a scary face, or is it my imagination? Do you see it??)

This is from my car window this morning at about 6:30. It was light when I left my house but this huge black cloud caught up with me. I almost made it to work without getting soaked, almost. 

The day started black and cloudy, ended black and cloudy, and turns out the middle wasnt the greatest either. Guess it was just one of those days!

June 01, 2009

Baby's Bumper

The crib bumper is officially started and I love it so far! And it is super easy. This is the first panel (out of six) and all thats left to do is stuff it with batting and close the hole at the bottom. Each of the six panels will have different but coordinating fabric for the top but all will have white and stripes, they will perfectly match the quilts

Its been so fun making all the bedding and decorating this room. I have a lot of plans still to come! Hopefully I can get it all done before baby comes!