November 27, 2010

Score one more for Hawaii!

I didn't think she existed. Living so far from her for three years was going to be rough. But when I came across her at the mall the other day, I was ecstatic! It's like old friends reunited.

My life is now fully complete. Thank you J.Crew. You complete me.

November 21, 2010

The Curtains are finished!

The Living Room
Huge picturesque windows are what I love about this room. But, I dont love the whole neighborhood looking in. And it gets super hot in the afternoon when the sun shines in. It may be November, but it was 87 here today-hot.
Curtains were a MUST!

Cant go wrong with yards and yards of orange polka dot! (One of my life's mottos)

More windows!

Simple Velcro tie backs

The view on the inside is every bit as nice as the one looking out

Up next: Curtains for the guest room. But you might have to come see them for yourself!

November 01, 2010

My Super Hero's

Black Spiderman and Batman keep things under control around here.

This picture was taken during the costume fittings. I hemmed the sleeves and Batman's pants and they were good to go!

Some Spiderman moves. The day has been full of awesome moves.

This little guy loved his costume, he was so proud. Plus the "muscles" came in handy. I saw him total belly flop and slide on the gym floor at church. Thanks to the muscles, not a scratch on him.

We partied hard at our the church party. Then tonight Spidey and I hit the streets. I was totally surprised by how awesome the trick or treating was in our neighborhood! There were TONS of kids and all the neighbors were sitting outside with their houses decorated handing out candy. He had a lot of fun. Till his Crocs gave him a blister (I didnt think Crocs could do that, but they did) and we came home.

We have WAY more candy than we need. Baker is a candy-holic. Seriously for a one year old, he is really into it. He knows where its hidden and he just points and grunts till I throw him a candy corn. Im pretty sure he's going to start pooping skittles if he keeps going at the rate he did today.

It was a good Halloween. Now all I have to say is, GET OUT THE CHRISTMAS TREE! Its going up early my friends. The debate is still on for how early is acceptable. We will be in Arizona for two weeks in Dec so I want to have plenty of time to enjoy the tree.

Can I put it up before Thanksgiving? What do you think?