May 25, 2010


Have you ever tried to cut a 10 month olds hair with sharp scissors?
Its a miracle this kid still has ears.

Boy Breakfast for dinner

I had been carrying around a Williams Sonoma gift card in my wallet for a couple of months. I wanted to use it for the perfect thing. I was leaning toward a mini muffin pan (exciting, right?), until I saw these:

Pancake Molds!

These cookie cutters were a close second, but I figured it is way easier to make pancakes than sugar cookies. But check out what Bakerella did with them. She is awesome.

Here they are cooking away. (Lesson learned: I filled them al little too full)

I especially love the Storm Trooper. (Lesson learned: I put Darth V. and Storm T. upside down. They got stuck.)

Paired with Brads famous fruit syrup, this guy didnt last long!

Him either!

His teeth look a little funky.
Not all of them worked out (see above lessons learned). But they still tasted pretty good!

One happy Star Wars loving boy!

May 08, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

to my Mom,

who taught me how to be a mom.

Thank you

I love you

(Mom and Baker, July 2009)