April 25, 2011

Giveaway today!!!

I love my friend Aunt Spicy! Have you been to her blog? Once you do you will be hooked! Im especially loving the adorable bunnies she made for Easter!

Head over there today for a chance to win something from my etsy shop!

This is my first giveaway and Im so excited!! Thanks Aunt Spicy!!

April 23, 2011

Rapunzel Pillow

Pillow number two! Remember the first one? I used the same Far Far Away II fabric from Heather Ross. I love this fabric. And the dots match my drapes!

It started off as a log cabin block, but it was going to be WAY too big. So I just modified it as I went and I kind of like how it came out.

This pillow features Rapunzel with golden hair. Her hair color reminds me of my favorite crayon when I was little, Goldenrod! I loved that color. It was perfect for hair in my Barbie coloring books.

I love that its a little bit girly, I feel like I've gotten away with something with this pillow in a house full of boys! But then again I do have a pink Kitchen Aid mixer :)

The pair of pillows, two down one to go!

Testing the comfort, I think he approves!

Don'tcha just love vintage Little Golden Books? This one was mine when I was little. It was vintage back then! I love this one, you can sing the words and the illustrations are so charming!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Im off to cut my husbands hair then to the beach!!

April 22, 2011

Little Nest Cupcakes

Between house guests, work, the whole family getting sick (twice, ugh!), and perfect beach days, we havent done very much Easter crafting.

So it was time to bust out this oldie but goodie.
Easy? Cute? Tasty? Yes's all around. Done.

Thought I'd try it out in a natural habitat.

Side note: sometimes Hawaii has the BEST grass. Its literally like carpet. I dont have grass like that. I dont have carpet either. Grocery store linoleum anyone?

We still have a few days till Easter. Maybe we will get crafty. You never know!

April 21, 2011

Up and Running!

I have some exciting news!

Ive opened my very own Etsy shop!

Its been tons of fun getting everything ready, and Im so happy to finally be able to share it with you!!

My brand is called autumn. , shocker huh? I make earrings and bobby pins. I have a small (or not so small) obsession with fabric, so naturally I love fabric covered earrings and bobby pins.

Im always looking for bright fun earrings to spice up my jeans and T-shirt wardrobe and these little babies do the trick! All the pieces are light and comfy so you dont have to worry about them getting in the way of your daily duties!

I want to keep them all! Especially those red and white stripy ones!

Stop by and check me out ---> here

If you would like something specific that you dont see, let me know and I can make whatever you are looking for.

In other news, Im so excited for Easter! Well, mostly Im excited for Easter candy. Is that bad? Has anyone tried Peepsters? I think they are super good, but Im a Peep fan so its probably not a far stretch for me.
Whats your favorite Easter basket filler?

April 13, 2011

Plumeria Love

My yard is peppered with pretty little flowers
They fall gently down from our plumeria tree.
Its so fun to run around in a petal covered yard
They add to our natural beauty!
Nature's prettiest accessory!

Ok, Bad Mom moment:
I set Baker in the tree, I though it would make a cute little picture. I set him up, stepped away, focused, and Wham! He was down, poor little guy. I think he landed with his back on a root. Yikes! And then Avery kept saying, "Mom, you probably shouldnt do that" over and over. I feel so bad! He bounced back pretty quick. Its all fun and games till someone falls on a root.

But we got a good action shot.

But dont worry, the branch he was on was only about 2 feet off the ground. He is 100% fine!

April 06, 2011

Pillow Party!

Have you heard about the Blogger's Pillow Party? My friend Aunt Spicy introduced me. Check it out, such fun, cute pillows!

Blogger's Pillow Party

Anyway, here is a quick pillow I whipped up. I absolutely LOVE this fabric. Its Heather Ross Far Far Away II. Its linen. Need I say more?

Ive had the vision to make some big pillows to use when sitting or laying on the floor. But pillows at our house are not just pillows, they are bombs. Baker picks it up and dives into the nearest enemy. Pillows get are thrown around here all day, its awesome.

When its not a bomb, it lives right here on the couch. Its too pretty for the floor.

I used a log cabin block because I think it features this fabric so perfectly. I've never tried this block before because I thought it looked too hard, but it actually wasnt hard at all!

Ive got two more pillows in the works! We need more ammunition around here.

April 02, 2011

Paint Sample Garland

I'm so excited to share this! A simple spring-y garland made out of paint sample chips.
It was super easy,fun, and FREE!

I went and collected pastel colored paint sample cards. The cards I got had three paint colors on each. I got three of each card. Three of the pink, three yellow, three peach, you get the idea.

Then I cut each color into a little triangle and sewed them straight through with my machine. I just fed them one after another without overlapping but very close.

I hung it in my built in cabinet, or hutch, or whatever its called.

Wouldnt it be cute to do a green and red for Christmas or brights for a birthday?

Head to your nearest Home Depot and pretend you are looking for paint and swipe some samples of your own.
You can find similar garlands here, and here

April 01, 2011

Oh Boy!

As soon as I decided to throw a baby shower for my cute friend Jill, I knew I wanted my good friend Lindi from Love the Day to design the party decor.
She is seriously the best!

I cant say how much I loved these printable decorations! The blue and black with little ships and polka dots is so cute and original. And so super easy. All I did was make a little visit to Office Max on my lunch break then spent a few episodes of Better Off Ted cutting everything out.

Have you tried Waialua Sodas? LOVE! And there are made right here in my cute little town. And they are pretty!

I love this quote. It makes me not feel so bad about my grimy floor, WIN!
Find it on this super adorable blog, lay baby lay

Jill, congratulations on your little guy! I cant wait for him to be born!

And Lindi, thanks for the great party designs! They were perfect!
If you love Love the Day too, go here to vote Lindi into the top 25 Party Plannin' Mom's