September 12, 2012

Her Bed is Ready!

Today is my baby's due date! Im all ready for her. At least I know I wont have to go past next Tuesday the 18th. Thats when I'll be induced if I dont go into labor before then. Its just nice to know there is an end!!!

Here is her little crib. I cant wait to post more details on the sheet, the mobile, the blanket, and the crib skirt all made my me! This picture is pretty bad, its evening but it just looked so cute and cozy in there. 

How cute will it be with a sweet little girl baby laying in there!?! So excited!

Im also planning a bumper. I ordered the filler pads on the 30th of August from Joann and they arent supposed to arrive until September 20th! I know Hawaii is far, but that is long!

Wish me luck and send some labor thoughts my way this week (just dont ask when Im going to "pop" or I will punch you)

Thank goodness my mom arrives tomorrow!!! 


Sherrie said...

My Jennie was late. FOUR days late. I still haven't forgiven her. I remember a neighbor asking me what we were having for dinner on day 3, and replying, "My plan was for the hospital to be making dinner for me right now, so the cookies Doug is currently making will have to do." The good news Is that I adore her, and I adored having my girlies after two sons. Big brothers are the best. I'll be praying for you.

eckleinman said...

good luck! It's the 18th so I hope you are busy pushing and that your legs are beautifully numb. Please let us know when she arrives!