April 06, 2011

Pillow Party!

Have you heard about the Blogger's Pillow Party? My friend Aunt Spicy introduced me. Check it out, such fun, cute pillows!

Blogger's Pillow Party

Anyway, here is a quick pillow I whipped up. I absolutely LOVE this fabric. Its Heather Ross Far Far Away II. Its linen. Need I say more?

Ive had the vision to make some big pillows to use when sitting or laying on the floor. But pillows at our house are not just pillows, they are bombs. Baker picks it up and dives into the nearest enemy. Pillows get are thrown around here all day, its awesome.

When its not a bomb, it lives right here on the couch. Its too pretty for the floor.

I used a log cabin block because I think it features this fabric so perfectly. I've never tried this block before because I thought it looked too hard, but it actually wasnt hard at all!

Ive got two more pillows in the works! We need more ammunition around here.


Le Mama! said...

lol! Thanks for checking out the start of what I want to be a good blog! You and your blog are exactly what I wish to be! I have all this in my head...just no time to do it! Your an inspiration! I love pillows too! but for my own safety in my tiny house I keep them to a minimal at the moment :) Great blog. I added it to my healthy distractions list!

Sherrie said...

super cute pillow!

On another note, have you ever made a bedskirt? I need a new one and don't know which color to use or if I should go for a pattern, puffy, or straight, are there rules to such things?

Thought you'd know.

eckleinman said...

LC is one of my faves!! You should try the friendship star. I've made a few pillows lately too. Afternoon projects are the best!!

Lisa Ann said...

I love your pillow! The fabric/color choices are so nice!

Julie said...

love it! it looks amazing. My couch pillows double as floor cushions when the kids pile them up and leap into them stuntman style.

cinzia said...

great pillow!! I love yellow, especially in the spring. Good luck! Mine is a log cabin too. I love that pattern it is easy and lends itself to many variations.

P.S. I'm jealous that you live in Hawaii!

Rachel Hauser said...

Oh, I really like your pillow! Glad you gave log cabins a go. Thanks for joining in on the Pillow Party!