October 25, 2010

My New Wallet

My latest creation:

Inspired by Kat from That Darn Kat tutorial
I made a few changes, but it was pretty easy for the most part.
Finally, a project worthy of this super cute fabric! Thanks again JJ!

I discovered if I zig zag the edge of fabric it almost looks like its surged with a rolled edge, or maybe even cooler! Thats how I made the ruffle edges.

It has room for everything! And even though the bottom pocket turned out smaller than its supposed to be, its the perfect size for my mini Maika'i card (Foodland Store discount card) which ALWAYS get lost in my purse. So, YAY!

My phone fits nicely in the top pocket (happy accident!) and its yellow so it matches! But I guess when most of my stuff is yellow, everything tends to match. But it still makes me happy!

And my checkbook can be tucked in the back of the top pocket. My checkbook has a habit of hiding from me too. Problem solved!

I learned a lot and am excited to give this another go, or 5 ;) They will only get better from here! Who wants one??


***LIZ*** said...

Great job! I might have to try making some of these, they look like they would be excellent Christmas gifts.

Our Naquin Family said...

Love it!!! I'll take one please ;)!! Miss you tons!

Outnumbered said...

that is the cutest wallet I've ever seen in my life! You are so talented!

eckleinman said...

I like the ruffle! I want one! Christmas, perhaps?

Nichole said...

super cute! I may have to try one of those. Great job!

JJ said...

seriously you! seriously fabulous! So stinkin cute I cant handle it!