September 26, 2009

The Spooks Swoop and Swirl with the Phantom

We love three things at this house...
1- Spinning,
2- Phantom of the Opera, and
3- Spinning while listening to Phantom of the Opera.

We hold any number of things while spinning, it can be toy jets, pens, dinosaurs, or pieces of paper.

Avery found these sheets of paper and started to spin, he realized they looked like ghosts so we drew ghosts on them. He loved it!

He started off slow,

But soon gained speed!

The Phantom was really belting it out!

He spun with equal enthusiasm!

A final pose for the grand finale!

A note on Phantom of the Opera: I dont know WHY he loves it so much, but he LOVES it! It is on repeat from 7 am till bed. I try to limit the number of times it gets played in a day (it is forever stuck in my head now) but he knows how to launch iTunes and tries to play it himself if I dont do it for him.

Today during the song "Prima Donna" he said, "Mom who is the Prim Obama?" It took me a few minutes to figure out what he was talking about.

I guess for now we will just listen on repeat and spin till his little heart's content.

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Britt said...

That is so fun. You are such a fun mom. Baker is adorable. I'm sorry I've been a blog slacker lately. I love your blog. You're so creative, and inspiring.