September 03, 2009

An outing

The weather is finally bearable! So I packed up the boys, hoped on the metro and headed to some of my favorite DC spots.

The Navy Memorial
Avery had never been here and he loved the water falls. There are also some really awesome relief sculptures. We spent a good deal of time at each one, there are like 20! I had to bribe him with raisins to get him to follow me to our actual destination.

At the Navy Memorial fountains.

The Sculpture Garden of the National Gallery of Art
The perfect place to go to dip your toes! I love the sculpture garden. There is always a seat in the shade and the marble is always cool even when its hot out.

Enjoying some of the art.

A favorite sculpture. It is a miracle I got him away from here without climbing to the top! He really wanted to!

Me and Baker chillin in the shade while Avery splashed in the fountain.

Check out the Sculpture Garden next time you are looking for a fast low key outing where it wont really matter if one or more children have a total melt down. Those are pretty much my criteria for anywhere I go these days.


Keyona said...

It is a beautiful day for an outing. Looks like yall had a great time. Love the photos! :o)

Our Naquin Family said...

Can I just say I could totally eat Baker up! AND Avery tooo :0)!

Julie said...

dude call me next time!

JJ said...

What a fabulous adventure! And what great photos!

HaskinsHouse said...

Way to go Momma!! What precious little guys you have. The weather has been terrific for outings.