October 24, 2011

Getting Back Into Things

Before all the sickness got us down (and even before that I guess) I was doing the Pinterest projects. My plan was to choose a couple of projects or recipes a week from Pinterest and create them and blog my results. Well, Ive really slacked off. But we are back at it people!!

This week is Avery's fifth birthday and our first time ever getting to bring birthday treats to school! Since we aren't having a big party with friends he wanted to do something special for his school class. This is what he picked:

Its just a yellow cupcake with a brownie patty and frosting condiments! Originally from Bakerella for Fathers day. They look so cute, maybe a little gross but cute. We are also doing cookie french fries. I got little trays to put the "meal" in! Other big birthday plans include a trip to McDonalds (totally his choice, I tried to talk him out of it. But oh well, easy for me!!) and more cake and presents. Things can be pretty mello when you are 5!

Stay tuned to see my version of these babies!

(Still confused about what the heck Pinterest is? Go here to see my boards and sign your self right up!)

UPDATE: Baker is doing great. He went to church and to a dinner party today. He is sleeping in his own bed (and not on the couch with me thank goodness!) and being his usual cute self! Yay!


MaiTy said...

I'm SO excited to see your version of these! Pinterest has changed my life!!!

Sherrie said...

Just saw a cute idea for using cut electrical tape and turning oranges into mini jack-o-lanterns. I also saw someone doing the Christmas thing with cloves in oranges, but making the design into a jack-o-lantern face. Happy Fall.

I'm in a better mood, sorry for taking it out on you the other day.

On another weird note that same intestinal sickness happened to my neighbors son just the other week too. I am so sorry. Glad he's better and you had a support system in place.