February 13, 2011

We Love Jenny Reeder

In November my dear friend from DC, Jenny, was diagnosed with leukemia. One day she was a full-time PHD student (a seriously smart girl!) and the next her full-time job is beating this cancer. Its NOT FUN!

And turns out fighting cancer is a pretty expensive endeavor! So to help Jenny, and show our love and support, some of my favorite people on the planet have set up this wonderful auction to help her out.

There is some seriously great stuff up for grabs, check out the loot here.

It starts on Valentines Day! So hurry up, check it out and bid away!

Also go here to Jenny's blog and see for yourself how truly rad she is.

I'll just end with one of my favorite Jenny Reeder moments: We were running the Baltimore Half Marathon and had carpooled up to Baltimore from DC early in the morning. When we parked the car and got out it was a beautiful morning, and Jenny totally busted out in full Broadway glory "Good morning Baltimore!" from Hairspray. It was awesome. I can still see it.

Love you and miss you Jenny!

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Tender Mercies said...

I love you Autumn! Now that song is STUCK in my head AGAIN! miss you!