February 28, 2011

Window Shopping Therapy

Sometimes when Im feeling blue, or just plain bored I window shop, from my computer.

I go to J.crew.com and add everything I want to my cart. Its my own weird sort of therapy I guess. It would have been better with a huge Diet Coke filled with ice by my side, but Ill make do for now.

Here are tonights pics. Aren't they fab? I know they don't go together, just all things Im loving right now.

And total bonus, all final sale items are an extra 30% off right now! Maybe some of these items will become a reality after all!

See I feel better already!

Please tell me Im not the only one who does this when Im a little down. Where do you window shop?


Erica said...

i want that bracelet so bad. stunning!
humm.. how to make that mine?!

eckleinman said...

Don't be blue!!! The pink dress would make you feel so much better!!

M said...

You know I do. I am always filling up online shopping carts with hundreds of dollars of merchandise and never buying any of it.

I can see you in all of those things!

Emily (little momma) said...

Okay, so I saw a necklace just like that bracelet at Eddie Bauer for 75% off!! I should have gotten it, I still dream about it, but I ended up with the hunters cap, sensible wool socks, and ruffle scarf instead.

Sherrie said...

I listen to music. Waka Waka never dissapoints.