January 21, 2011

Ramona all over again

Did you love the Ramona books when you were little? I loved them.

We checked out two Ramona audio books from the library recently. Avery is crazy for audio books. It took a little while to get him to agree to these books because they look like "girl books" but they are great! I havent read them in over 20 years probably and I completely forgot the stories.

Ive enjoyed listening to them as much as he has I think. They are so cute and witty.

Also check out the audio version of Henry Huggins, also by Beverly Cleary. Its read by Neil Patrick Harris and he does a fantastic job!


Julie said...

My sister used to call me Ramona and I would get so mad, now I embrace my ramonaness, I have been reading ramona the pest to Elliot. Good times, I will have to try out he audio book idea

Heather said...

I love audio books for my boys too. they have really gotten to enjoy books that they couldn't have read right now. I will have to try these ones.

Tender Mercies said...

We just watched the movie tonight on demand. LOVED it. Miss you, Autumn!

M said...

I love Ramona! I will need to try out audiobooks. Good idea!