February 23, 2011

Onesie Cupcakes

I got invited to a double baby shower tomorrow night, one friend just had a BOY and one friend is expecting a GIRL!

So I made some adorably delicious onesie cupcakes!

They were EASY! All you need is one onsie, one receiving blanket, a coffee filter, some rubber bands, and a little ribbon for each cupcake

I added a little flower to the top!

Be sure to buy the largest coffee filters, 8-12 cup ones I think. I now have a million left over coffee filters, and since I don't drink coffee, Im using them for little snack plates. The kids love it. (Thanks Mom for that idea!)

I LOVE them!

It's a cute creative gift, didn't cost a fortune, and I didn't have to sew a thing!

Check out the tutorial I used on Little Birdie Secrets, its a super cute fun blog!

Then there is this guy, he refuses to wear clothes today. Hummmm.


Julie said...

So freakin adorable!

eckleinman said...

I want some!!

***LIZ*** said...

LOVE this idea! I can't wait to go to a baby shower now!

Sherrie said...

Darling! And I already have the coffee filters. We made jellyfish by gluing streamers to the edges, letting the kiddos marker the filters and then sprayed them with water to spread out the ink in a fishy way. Then we added googly eyes, not so much because jellyfish have eyes, but more because everything is more fun with googly eyes. Superfun!

Shirley Nelson said...

Definitely something I'm doing for a baby shower gift. Yes, $1.38 for tons of coffee filters. Our nursery leader uses coffee filters for serving snacks to the children. THANK YOU for your creativity. The tutorial is fantastic too.

Jillian said...

These are SO adorable!