February 16, 2011

Hearts and Truffles

I surprised my two littlest Valentines with "fancy" balloons with little candies at the bottom. They were a huge hit!

My 19 month old Lovest:
(Picture is post blue M&M)

My 4 year old Lovey:

They melt my heart.

But these melt in my mouth. I made them for my 31 year old Love.
Behold, cookie dough truffles!

They were soooooooooooooo delish! My friend at work sent me 3 separate emails telling me how much she loved them. And I dont blame her! I sent myself 3 emails and a text congratulating myself on them.

Check out my friend Jillian's blog for the recipe, its here. Pretty much every recipe on her site is delicious!


krissy said...

Baker has the most beautiful eyes!
I love these little guys.

Jen C. said...

First, those little guys get more and more cute as the days go by.

Second, are you trying to kill me by showing me those truffles. OMG. They look yummy!