September 28, 2011

Save My Ottoman

In an effort to protect my couch and ottoman from becoming even dirtier from the kids feet, and the dusty dirt that blows in the windows, and the sippie cup spills, and the candy corn drool, and the...well you get the idea. I have little boys.
I decided to cover it up. Im starting with the ottoman, then I will do the couch.

It really wasnt too hard. For me the measuring and cutting is the worst part. But I had a cute little helper...

This fabric was just to pretty to pass up. Who says damask cant go with polka dots? Maybe someone did say that, but I didnt hear!

Come visit and prop up your feet! I dont even care if they are dirty ;)

No, seriously, come and visit!


Le Mama! said...

oooo i love that! I need to cover my couch. not because I want to keep it clean but because its hidiously ugly. I am trying to find some heavy duty dark fabric because I too have two very busy boys and I want to beable to clean it. I might just do a slip cover but still.. I'm hesitant to even begine measuring because I have no clue what I'm doing :/ You are an inspiration. What you did looks great!

Dustin said...

Nice work! That looks amazing.

eckleinman said...

I will definitely come visit you. I might take your ottoman home with me though. It would look sooooo good in my room. Can I have it?

JJ said...

Aut, seriously impressed! Maybe you should come visit me and help me decorate!