October 03, 2011


Its fall break here in Hawaii, but it still feels like Summer. Avery came up with the idea to make himself a To Do list to keep busy. Here is what he has going on today:

(Park, Time (meaning when Baker is asleep), cookie making, homework, chores, lunch, and free time)

Also some hair cut shots, cuz I love his goofy little grin



Its getting to the depressing time of year for me. Everywhere else my friends and family are digging out the sweaters, jeans, flannel pj's. But Im still sweating it up in my shorts every afternoon (I know no one actually sympathizes with me) but I miss fall! But Im afraid this is as close to fall as Im going to get this year:
I LOVE Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin oil!

I think Ill make some pumpkin bread today and pretend the leaves are changing color outside :)


Terina said...

I sympathize!!! Fall is my favorite! I miss it every year! But at least you get the beach and the ocean to comfort you!!!

Heather said...

I feel your pain Autumn. I want Fall so bad. I am sweating up storm, donning my shorts and flip flops. I have no oven so I can't even bake fall favorites. Eat some pumpkin bread for me.

Sherrie said...

Nope, I don't feel your pain. Sorry. It snowed 3 inches the other day. Lame. Thinking about skipping Christmas just so I can pay for the antidepressants in the tanning bed.

On another note, I was hoping you could give me some drapery advice. What are the rules? I have a complete wall of windows with beautiful blinds but now I need some type of sound absorbency so my thought turned to curtains. You so confidently threw some up in your new place and as for me, I'm sure I'd screw the whole project up. What do you suggest?