September 04, 2011

Project Delay

The braided hex nut bracelet is giving me some issues! It looked so EASY! Yet here I am, with a mess of nuts and twine in my lap. I think my problem is my hex nut are too thick. But Im going to put it on hold for now...
Did anyone else try this? Why am I such a dork at braiding hex nuts?

In other news, Baker is out of the crib and into a big boy bed. And consequently, he is pretty much impossible to put to bed now. Yay! Any tips on keeping him in his bed?

Here is the bed

He loves it! He keeps saying "Its awesome!!"

Finally asleep. Maybe someday he will actually fall asleep in there!

Kindergarten is going great!! Here is my big Kindergarten boy. Is this picture fantastic or what? I love it. Its a classic school picture. His little teeth crack me up.

Homework! Luckily he loves to do it. And why wouldnt he? Its mostly just coloring :)

Baker does his "homework" too.

For my next Pinterest project, I think I will make a recipe. There are so many good ones going on out there. Any suggestions?


Terina said...

When we switched Croix to a toddler bed I put a knob cover on the door so he couldn't open the door. I also ended up putting tape on the light switch so he couldn't turn the light on. Took him a few days but he finally figured out, he wasn't getting out and started falling asleep again! Good luck!
Try a vegetarian recipe!!

Laura said...

Just changed Owens crib to a toddler bed this sweet Callie gave him lessons on how to climb out! I guess I should be thankful he was in there so long! Just put him down for his first nap...its quiet but Im not sure thats a good thing.....cant wait to see if you get adivce Im gonna need it too!

MaiTy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Baker happy in his bed!!!

M said...

Autumn! I made the hex nut bracelet but it took me about an hour (and Google) to figure it out. The key is to hold it really tight. I put a heavy glass of water on the end while I braided. Also, after you thread the nut all the way up to the braid, leave the nut where it is and just braid its string over. Do this with each strand and you will start to see the herringbone pattern. I don't know if that helps at all.