August 29, 2011

This Week's Project

As I discovered last week, sometimes crafty supplies are trickier to come by than I think they should be here in Hawaii. Maybe part of it is I live in a small country town (we dont even have a real stoplight people!) or maybe I just dont know where to go (entirely possible) or maybe its just that Hawaii is odd (but I still love it, it is Hawaii duh!). But this week I think the supplies I need will be easy to acquire. We may not have a stoplight, but we do have an Ace Hardware.

This week's project is a simple one. I've seen it going around Pinterest for a while now and I think it could be really cute! See this post for an explanation of what Im up to...

Link to my pin here or go straight to the blog it came from here! Its an awesome blog.

Im headed to Ace!!!

Never heard of Pinterest? Beware, its slightly addicting but oh so fun!!


Outnumbered said...

I am seriously in love with that! So cute!!

Le Mama! said...

The closest craft stores I know of are Benfranklin in Pearl City and another store in Pearl Highlands near the movie theather and the Verizon store. Thats where I get my ribon for ribon leis all my embroidery thread. I don't think it has everything but it sure has a lot more to chose from than walmart! I think there are other stores down town of course and if you are sewing...Fabric mart is the way to go! The one in Kaneohe is my favorite. Yep we are country out here but you just have to be that much more creative :)

Julie said...

Megan and Rachel did these last week for young womens with hot pink string, they were awesome!