August 22, 2011

Getting back underway!

I think things are starting to calm down around here. Here is what we have been up to:
  • School is well underway for both boys! Its weird for me to say that! Baker goes to preschool two days a week while I work, and Avery is in full day kindergarten. They both have great teachers! (who knew how much paper two kids could bring home the first week of school!)
  • Baker is pretty much potty trained!
  • I am back from a 10 day work trip to DC. It was great to be back there! More on my trip later
  • Ive got so many projects on the brain! Is it too early to decorate for Halloween?
That brings me to my latest plan. Raise your hand if you LOVE pinterest!?! I no longer mind the super long Costco line. Waiting for my ground turkey to brown is no problem. I just browse and pin and repin! Like most of you I am collecting a long list of fun potential projects.

So Im going to start a weekly Pinterest Project! On Mondays I will browse my projects pin board and announce my pick of the week, and by Friday I will blog about how it went and maybe some tutorials or status updates along the way.

I would love for you to join in the fun and do some projects with me! Or if you have a fun project pinned send me an email with the link, Ill pin it and maybe Ill make it! Just send your project to :)

Click the link on the side of my blog to follow me on Pinterest.

Ill post my first pinterest project later on today! I have to do a little work around the house first. Dang priorities!!


JJ said...

I am in! But I might not be able to fully participate for awhile :-) I love the idea!

Julie said...

love the idea, cant wait to see the first weeks pick!