August 26, 2011

Pinterest Project #1 Complete!

Surprisingly, I had kind of a hard time getting the supplies for this project. Hawaii is an interesting place. Luckily it all came together!

I like these little sheep!

I decided to make my little sheep into a book mark. See this post for my inspiration.

Embroidery is not my strong suit. But with I slowly got the hang of it.

I chose a nice soft rosey linen for the back

And a little grograin to stick out the top!

Im so glad I tried this project. These sheep arent 100% perfect, but I still think they are cute :) I want to improve my french knots and maybe one day work on a more ambitious embroidery project!

Also, can I recommend this book that is modeling the bookmark?
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley
I LOVE this book, its a series. Check it out. Its fun, cute, hilarious, and charming.

Check back next week for another Pinterest Project!


Julie said...

It turned out awesome! nice work!

eckleinman said...

Love it. Now make me something.

Heather said...

Super cute and that book was just put on our book club reading list, so I will be reading it soon. Good job Autumn!!