June 07, 2011

Bathing Beauties

We like schedules (pronounced "shed-yule" if you please) around here. We try to do things pretty much the same everyday for our bedtime routine.

Its the usual business:
bath (although those two can flip flop)
brush teeth
vitamins and water
music on the iPod while they drift off to dream land.

Avery is even more ruled by the routine than I am. But sometimes, we live a little crazy and skip a bath (like if they were swimming in the pool in the yard all afternoon. You might think its gross, but I count it!)

We skipped the bath on Saturday night and had it on Sunday morning before church instead. Im so glad we did!!

I love a good baby bath picture. Usually they turn out all yellow and dark for me. But since we were bathing in the morning, the lighting was awesome!

And the only mustache that EVER looks good, is a bubble one!

Im a firm believer that everyone looks better when wet, kids are no exception! These two were squeaky clean!

Moral of the story: I should loosen up a bit on my shed-yule. The pictures might be great! And my boys hair will smell more like the mango smoothie shampoo during church. Bonus!!


Laura said...

Correct on the mustache!
Correct on the better when wet!
Super correct on adorable boys! They are dang cute!

Laura said...

Now Im worried thinking you think I think your kids look better when wet...which seems creepy and weird...not what I meant...mostly talking about people in general...but not your boys they are way cute wet or dry!

Off Grid Mom said...

The pictures are great! And I wish my hair smelled more like mango smoothie.