June 10, 2011

A Baby "Shower"

My new friend Kaleesha is having a baby boy any day now. A few of my other friends and I threw her a little baby shower. Get it? Shower? As in rain?

I love this idea, but I cant take any credit for the creativity here. I got my inspiration (and basically copied everything) from here.

The cupcakes were my favorite thing. I took about a million pictures of them.
(maybe I will show my DIY/temporary tiered cake stand some day soon)

I finally had a reason to get my hands on some adorable straws!

The final spread. Tons of good food! Im just going to come right out and admit I have a serious weakness for trifle. I saved a bowl of it after the party, you know to share with Brad, but ended up eating the whole bowl myself during nap time the next day. Have I no shame?!? Guess not.

Kaleesha, good luck birthing your little man into the world! Cant wait to see him!!

Special thanks to my dear friend (and look-alike) Lindi at Love the Day for the awesome party designs! And Daisy, you are mad with the scissors girl! And Tara, Kelsey, and Breanne my co-conspiritors, love you guys!


Laura said...

So stinkin cute! Where were your baby shower skills when I birthed my children?

Julie said...

love it! love everything Lindi does, you guys did a great job with the party! love the theme!