June 10, 2011

Im Featured, Plus a Giveaway!

Hey Friends!
Have you been over to The Nurse Mommy yet?

Nurse Mommy

Its a cute blog that specializes in product reviews and lots of giveaways, cant go wrong there right?

Well guess who is being featured today??? Yep, me! Im so excited!!
Head over there and enter to win a lil sumpin' sumpin' special from my shop.

(Even if you blog stalk me and never leave comments :) )

Another fun blogger will be featuring me and hosting a giveaway soon! Im so excited. Make sure to like me on FB for reminders!

In completely unrelated news:

My cousin Daisy is visiting for the summer. She deserves her own post!
Im going night swimming in the ocean tonight!
I just watched Tanlged for the first time this morning (loved it, duh!)
Ive typed this whole post while sword fighting on the side. Im a multi tasker.

Have a great weekend!

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