July 03, 2011

Preparation Procrastinator

Oh my gosh, there are so many awesome crafts and decorations for the 4th of July. All you have to do is look at Pinterest and the creative juices will be flowing!!
See what I mean here

I really really wanted to do something cute and creative for this holiday. I had my sights set on these things:

From my favorite party planner

from here

from here

and from here

BUT, I didnt. I didnt even do one thing! Not even decorate a sugar cookie! I raided Home Depot paint chip samples a few weeks ago with the intention of making red white and blue pendants. Didnt happen.

But I did go to my favorite sandwich shop and get this:

And I got my haircut kind of like this (not me below, I wish! ha!):

And I went to here TWICE today! You read that right, twice! Not once, twice! Wonderful day!!!

I guess its not too late. I could still sew the pendants. I might give myself a patriotic pedicure. And I do actually have an extremely awesome 4th of July T-shirt designed by my extremely awesome brother (who WON the Whiskey Row boot race!!! He's got the fastest boots in the West). So I guess Im not doing too bad.


The Payne family said...

So Ben won this year huh? I guess that means Chris didn't enter? Haha, just kidding. I think Chris is now in the older age bracket anyways...now that's funny. And as far as the craft goes, I have no doubt you'll knock something wonderful and amazing out by tomorrow and it wouln't surprise me one bit.
By the way, I'm coming to Oahu in Sept. Perhaps we could meet?

***LIZ*** said...

I want to see your actual hair!! Let's see a pic. Happy Independence Day!

BEN said...

That sandwich looks delicious! What is on it. I ate a prickly pear marinated chicken sandwich for dinner last night. TASTY!

Shalyce said...

That totally sounds like me, except I rarely do something crafty and you are always coming up with super cute stuff. I can't believe Baker is two! Time really does fly with these kiddos. Your boys are so cute! I love the picture of him on your shoulders!

MaiTy said...

I took that EXACT picture with me to get my hair cut last year. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!