July 29, 2011


Im such a dork! Lets just get that out of the way.
This morning my mom sent me this picture:
Its totally MY handwriting! That is how I used to write/doodle my name in college. My mom works at the university I went to. She has a few little study cubes in her office that used to be in the library and she got my ole favorite!! I must have written this in '02 or '03. I have no recollection of this. Funny!

Hope I dont get fined!!


***LIZ*** said...

Ha ha!! You vandalizer, vandaleer, vandal? I wish it was a little more fun though, maybe an "Autumn loves Brad" or "I <3 pilots" or "Red, White & Trash Forever!"

Jason said...

rebel! ps i totally used to write my name like that way as well.

The Shoogs said...

That is awesome!!! I never knew you were so hardcore!!! :)

krissy said...

I still have a notebook you gave me in High School and your wrote your name just like this inside!!!
I love it!

Jen C. said...

That's funny.