May 04, 2011

Doily Love

Hello, my name is Autumn. I love doilies.

After my Grandpa died recently :( , My Grandma decided to move into an assisted living apartment. When she moved all of their possessions were cleaned up and cleared out so my cousin could move in and take care of their old home (see here for her cute blog and what she has done with the place, it looks GREAT!)

Anywho, with all the belongings were being sorted I inherited some really special stuff! One of my favorites are these fantastic doilies! I cant even tell you how much I love them. From what I hear, most of them were made by my Great Grandmother Edna. These things are so beautiful and intricate! As the "crafty" type usually when I see something the first thing that comes to mind is "I could totally do that", but with these things Im in awe!

Check them out:

Classic doily, so pretty and delicate.

What kind of doily owner would I be if I didnt use at least one under a figurine?

Pink and green anyone? I love this one's little spidery leggs
This one is pretty large, look at the amazing pattern!

Another look, it seriously perfectly done!

Some fantastic linen napkins with a beautiful edge.

This one is peach and cream swirl. My sister made the silhouettes, I just love 'em.

A pretty red and green number, very Christmas-y (sometimes blogger underlines and I cant make it stop!!! Urg!!)

Then there is this little fancy one. It has a funny little ledge underneath and i couldnt figure it out! But my Mom solved the mystery:
Behold! A TP decoration!! You know you want one!
It made me think of these:
Cuz why not put a creepy little crochet doll in the bathroom? Makes my TP doily look actually pretty!

There are SO many fun ideas out there for doilies (that will spare your house from looking like the 100 year old cat lady's next door)
Here are a few of my favorites. I probably wont do anything with my inherited doilies, they are too special, but you know Im going thrifting soon...


eckleinman said...

I was wondering who got the doilies! I got some too! I am gonna make this You should make one too!

Sherrie said...

TP decoration. I like it.

Los Shepherds said...

yes! thanks for the ref too:) your mom rocks at saving stuff for us!

Kelsey Kamauu said...

i have a few special doilies - one is framed - love them :) what cool ideas! Love the table runner - and ya that tp doll is a bit freaky! what in the world! ha ha ha - anywho - enjoy your doily inheritance!

JJ said...

Aut, the ones you inherited are AMAZING! What a fab gift! You should frame some of the ones you received, maybe with a bright yellow or orange or green background.

Off Grid Mom said...

I'm a long time fan of doilies as well and got some of my grandmother's when she passed away. I had a great time catching up on your blog. I've been on a few times, but hadn't made comments. A while back, I got on to see if you were safe when the tsunami hit.
Love the crafts and the recipes- you're an artist at so many levels.