January 19, 2011

My Grandpa: A Real Cowboy 1919-2011

Lee Brimhall

My Grandpa was a for reals cowboy. He wore Wranglers, had a cattle ranch, had racks on his truck, wore a cowboy hat, and of course wrote cowboy poetry (and he was good at it!). After his ranching days were over, he build houses with my Dad (but the racks still stayed on the truck of course).

He was a hard worker, had a funny sense of humor, and loved his grandkids and great grandkids. He was always did what was right and respected others who did the same.

I feel like a lot of the creativity I have was passed to me from my Grandparents. And Im forever grateful for that!

He passed away yesterday at the old age of 92.

His poetry is classic. He wrote about what he knew: ranching, horses, cattle and bulls, and "damn environmentalists" and so many more cowboyish things.

I love his poems, they are actually pretty hilarious. This is one of my fav's. Read to the end, its great...

Bull Power

My neighbor Pierce bought a prize bull
His cow herd to improve,
Which made his calves wean heavier
He had things in the groove.
But then that prized bull lost his stuff
And became impotent,
Pierce called the Vet, said "Help this bull,
Because of what I've spent."

"To buy him and take care of him
Has sure cost me a lot.
And the program I have going here
Has just gone all to pot."
So then the Vet prescribed some stuff
That brouhgt that bull right back,
And he regained his influence
And got back on the track.

Some time later I had a bull
That went the same darned way,
So I got a hold of Pierce
To try to save the day.
And find what that prescription was
To restore my bull's power,
Because the program that I had
Was starting in to sour.

Old Pierce then said "I've lost the bottle,
Can't recall the stuff's name,
The main thing I remember is
It tastes like sugar cane."

Check out my cousin Julie's blog here for more on Grandpa and more poetry of course!


***LIZ*** said...

That is a great poem!! Love real cowboys!

Heather said...

He seems like a great man and the old cowboys are gone and its sad. I hope things are going good with the preparations and that peace is near for all involved.

Princess and A BYU Fan said...

So sweet Autumn! I love the poem too :)

Laura said...

AWESOME! Love that kind gentle face. What a great man and he totally passed that down to his family! Lucky for all of us!

Shirley Nelson said...

Jack & I were @ Yavapai College to see him honored in 2010 and to hear him recite the funniest cowboy poem I've ever heard! He didn't hesitate ONCE while he recited it. I only saw him on Sundays and he and Opal always looked so CLASSY! I was pretty surprised to learn he was a REAL COWBOY! You're so blessed to have such a great heritage in your family! I know he'll be missed on earth, but he'll be watching over his family always.

eckleinman said...

My favorite poem was the one about methane gas. Made gma so darned mad everytime he recited it. I will miss his single finger wave the most. I'm carrying on that legacy.

BEN said...

Grandpa was the best! Being around him was non stop hilarity. My favorite of his poems is about the pack rat that trades some road apples for biscuits. Miss you grandpa!

Julie said...

cowboy poetry is awesome! Sorry for your loss.

Terina said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandpa. That was a beautiful tribute. Great poem!

Brian said...

Lee was and is the man, I have never heard that poooeeeem before. Is there a book or collection of his poooeeems?

M said...

Sorry for your loss. What a cool grandpa. I love the old photos. And the poem is awesome.

Sherrie said...

Love it when you get to think of a lost one and just smile. That poem is seriously cracking me up. Seriously.

Jen C. said...

I'm sorry for your loss. He sounds like he was quite the character.

Jill said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa, Autumn. He seemed like a great man. I loved the poem, too. Grandparents are special people. xo

JJ said...

Ohhh, Aut, I am so sorry! Your grandpa sounds like such an amazing person! My grandpa was a serious cowboy as well, you just gotta love them!