April 13, 2011

Plumeria Love

My yard is peppered with pretty little flowers
They fall gently down from our plumeria tree.
Its so fun to run around in a petal covered yard
They add to our natural beauty!
Nature's prettiest accessory!

Ok, Bad Mom moment:
I set Baker in the tree, I though it would make a cute little picture. I set him up, stepped away, focused, and Wham! He was down, poor little guy. I think he landed with his back on a root. Yikes! And then Avery kept saying, "Mom, you probably shouldnt do that" over and over. I feel so bad! He bounced back pretty quick. Its all fun and games till someone falls on a root.

But we got a good action shot.

But dont worry, the branch he was on was only about 2 feet off the ground. He is 100% fine!


Outnumbered said...

The Plumeria flowers in the yard are so much prettier than the dandelions we are littered with here!! One more reason to love Hawaii!

Julie said...

you look fab in that photo and your yard looks adorable and I am so jealous you get plumeria year round.

Rachel said...

These pictures make me want to be back hanging out in your yard!

krissy said...

best Avery quote "mom, you probably shouldn't do that"

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Baker. That cracked me up though. Haven't we all had moments like that. The picture adds to the fun of the story. I love it when our little babies start becoming so smart.