August 18, 2010

Working Girl Once Again

When Brad's job took us here to Hawaii I was lucky enough to find a position with my work too. My original plans were to quit all together and stay home with the boys. As is turns out, it was best for me to keep working, but only two days a week. Just enough to keep my feet wet and make a little cash. Plus its a job I actually enjoy.

Today was my first day at the new office. I have to say, I think its going to be great. It felt good to put on my favorite Calvin Klein pointy toe heels and a fresh coat of lipstick. Im still not totally sure what the usual dress code is like out here. Do I wear Aloha print shirts? Moo Moos? Is it too out of place to wear black slacks? I think I over dressed a little today.

This is my dream ensemble for a working girl in Hawaii:

The shoes are to die for. But they are all sold out in my size!! Blurg! Oh well. Im going to keep working on appropriate attire for work. Maybe deep in one of these moving boxes is a cute skirt I forgot I had.

All items can be found here and of course here

What would you wear?


***LIZ*** said...

Love this outfit Aut! I should send you all my cute work skirts. I have about 50 that I hardly wear anymore.

Jen C. said...

I would imagine that it's pretty laid back in Hawaii and black slacks are probably overkill and also maybe even a little warm? Whatever you wear you'll look cute. It's inevitable. :o)

JJ said...

Yahoo! So glad you are back! And am so in love with that skirt! But my dear, if you start wearing moomoo's we must see pictures!

Heather said...

What do you do Autumn? Dressing up sounds fun, I can't remember the last time I did that.

eckleinman said...

It is freaking awesome that a mumu is an actual option. If it were an option for me (BTW, who's saying it's not??) I would TOTALLY wear one. I might wear one tomorrow.